You Don’t Want to Miss These Underdog Workouts

Are the stereotypes about some kinds of sports holding you back from trying them to begin with? You know; yoga is just for those people who are flexible enough to fold their legs around their neck, the trampoline is just for kids and aqua jogging is for grannies. Let all the prejudice go, because there are so many workouts you would never try on first sight, but if only you just did them anyway, you’d be proven very, very wrong. At OneFit you can find super fun sports you’d never think of in the first place, but they will leave you with a big smile on that pretty face for sure. Don’t believe us? Well, the only advice is to just try. Find out our tips below.

Underdog workouts

Hula hooping @ Juul’s Hoop Vibes in Rotterdam

It looks so bloody easy, you’d almost forget a round of hula hooping trains your whole body. You can join ‘hoopdance’ classes with Juliette from Juul’s Hoop Vibes which are the ultimate form of fun. Not just for kids, but also for the kid in you.

Aquabootcamp @ Zwembad Safari in Utrecht

Moving around in the water is no longer exclusive to the elderly. During a class of Aquabootcamp at Zwembad Safari you will shine your ass off in shallow water by showing everyone the very best of your kicking techniques (ok, you’ll also be doing your usual strength and cardio exercises). Without any injuries, that is, because the water is like super sweet for your body.

Zelfliefde in actie @ De Bewustzijn School in Amsterdam

Admit it; you’re forgetting that your mind needs attention too once in a while. And you might think it is a bit too spiritual for you. Get proven wrong and catch up on mental health at De Bewustzijn School during the workshop Zelfliefde in Actie.

Monkey Business @ Ravez Movement Academy

During Monkey Business at Ravez Movement Academy you’ll be doing everything you can remember from the playground back in the days. And that’s for a reason, because the movements you did back then, are the ones most true to your own nature. It’s all about connecting with that inner monkey of yours and starting to climb, jump, crawl, balance and hang again.

Calisthenics @ Calisthenics Amsterdam

It’s just kids hanging around at the playground, you say? Wrong! You’ll know better once you do a class of calisthenics at Calisthenics Amsterdam. It is again proven that you don’t really need anything to get fit, except for yourself, the outdoors and een good old playground. Cardio, strength and balance calisthenics is all in one.

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