Why you need to pay Studio 191 a visit this fall

26 September, 2018 • Tags: , , , , ,

Their range of great classes, friendly staff and a super pretty studio… just a few of the things that make Studio 191 very popular amongst OneFitters. But also: their constantly changing, exciting class schedule. This Autumn/Winter, we’ll see up to 10 extra weekend classes added to their busy schedule. So, what’s coming next? We asked founder and owner Natasha Martin.

1. Restorative, Connective Tissue Training

Natasha: “As studio owners, we naturally look out for what students want. In many cases that’s active, yang, high-intensity training. Sometimes we pay less attention to what they need. We’re hoping to influence more students to become fans of restorative, connective tissue training: stretch, yin, alignment focus, self-massage, mobility training. With all the classes that focus on training muscles, people end up being tight. Training your connective tissue is what’s needed to create flexibility. It’s already well-known but there are still many students who haven’t truly felt its benefits and importance.”

2. Surfer’s Stability

More surf classes are also in the plans over the Winter months because with surf fit, surf yoga and surf pilates both muscle and connective tissue gets trained. “It’s the best instability training there is because you can’t cheat like you can on the ground. We use an actual board to create an unstable surface, so it’s all about alignment. Being on that board works your kinetic chain – the interconnected muscles, nerves and other structural components of your mobile body – and demands full focus – so your mind gets worked out too.”

3. Warm Yoga

When you practice yoga at 38 degrees and feel like you might just collapse…you’re not alone. Hot classes are not for everybody – which is why Studio 191 offers ‘warm’ classes in yoga, power pilates and core concepts. These classes are kept around 28-30 degrees and are adjusted depending on the time of year to maintain the optimal benefits without creating that ‘I’m-So-Dizzy’ feeling. Natasha: “I believe you can achieve even more in a warm environment than in a hot one. It makes sense: you can focus more on the breath and movement instead of being distracted by the intense heat. Also, muscle tissue can overstretch due to the high heat and might cause injuries. During warm classes, people will still notice slightly increased flexibility – similar to what you experience at the end of a sweaty workout – but they are much less inclined to go so far that they injure themselves. Plus the class allows for more focused movement – which is really important no matter what you’re doing.”

4. Yoga In All Its Forms

Even though Studio 191 is known for its more contemporary yoga styles (think ‘beats Yoga’, ‘hip hop yoga’ and ‘aroma relax’) the studio will be adding more traditional styles of yoga to their schedule this Autumn/Winter. Never tried kundalini yoga? You’re about to. Natasha: “I want to expose people to new styles of yoga – which in some cases means more traditional styles. One of the biggest misconceptions that people make, is that yoga is one physical practice. It isn’t. Yoga is a collective term and within yoga is ‘asana’ – the physical expression of yoga. From asanas, many practices have evolved and continue to evolve. There is so much diversity, so much choice and so much to learn that we strive to offer a wide range of contemporary and traditional styles… Yes, maybe even classes that people aren’t expecting from us.”

So let’s connect our chakras, bond with our connective tissue and play with our stability. Check out the schedule of Studio 191 West and Studio 191 De Pijp!

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