Turn your workout into a getaway

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The parc is your best friend. The line at the ice-cream joint is never ending and if someone dares to drop an ice-cube in your neck, you’re actually delighted. Yup, it’s summer y’all. Time to plan an outing with your boo or sporty pal. Combined with a workout session of course, so you’ll feel fit before you know it. No idea where to start? This will get you going.


1. Leave town

Weekdays may not allow you to take a train just for fun, we get that. But a day off is a perfect opportunity to explore another city. Choose a OneFit city and check out the schedule online. The offer will surprise you!

Got an Amsterdam membership? Then you can workout in all OneFit cities. Based somewhere else? You can workout in Utrecht, The Hague, and Rotterdam.

2. Tourist in your own city

It’s really not necessary to travel far to feel like a guest. Do you live in Amsterdam (but not in North)? Take the ferry and explore the Northern part for a full day. There are tons of hidden gems and cool workouts to give a chance! The Noorderparkbad shines like a diamond in the summertime, try it out. Rotterdam folks could join a workout at Delfshaven.

3.  Check nature areas

Turn your workout outing into a mini-retreat and choose a location situated in nature. Get zen as a monk in the forest and be open to a new experience.

Take advantage of the extras
Our locations often offer benefits. Forget about binging your favourite series -or post-workouts snacks- after class, and check out the whole location. Places like Kurhaus in The Hague, Spa Zuiver in the Amsterdamse Bos are examples of locations you could spend a whole day.

Claim a canoe in Utrecht
The Workout in Utrecht is also a good one. The gym is situated beautifully at the Oude Gracht. In front of the entrance, canoes will greet you. Ask a staff member prior to working out if you can reserve a canoe. You’ll be enjoying the sight of the Dom city in an amazing way. Or sweat till you’re zen at Bikram Yoga Utrecht in Park Lepelenburg and go for a picknick while you’re there.

Clear your head at the Kralingse Bos
Fun Forest is a super fun location. You can ride a canoe here or do lots of other cool stuff. Make it a day trip and enjoy the Kralingse Bos afterward. Relaxing at Clingendael property Next to a highly special Japanese Botanical Garden, which is only open for a few times a year, the whole property is a fairy tale. A zen walk at Offline Mindfullnesscompletes the getaway.

4. Make it beachy
A day at the beach instantly feels like a holiday. Since your not tight to one membership, you can combine your outing with a workout sesh at the beach. The Surfschool at Hoek van Holland, Rotterdam, teaches surf on Saturdays from 11.00 to 14.00. And at Hart beach you can surf and longboard whenever it pleases you. In Rotterdam, swimming pool Van Maanen also feels like a little getaway. Not a beach aficionado? A walk through the dunes can work wonders too. 4.

5. Choose unique workouts

Check out our offer in other cities via the app or website. Jot down a list of workouts you’d want to try or list them to your favourites. There are tons of locations worth the trip. What about DeBunkr in Rotterdam, outfitted with an unmatched survival trail. In Utrecht you can bath in ice like a superhuman. Or go dance, do golf, tennis, or surprise yourself.

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