The OneFit iOS App: everything you need to know

28 June, 2016

Working out with OneFit just got even easier! Our iOS App is finally available in the App Store. From now on you will have all locations, classes and reservations easily available on your device, and you no longer have to worry about forgetting your membercard. All you need is your smartphone (and really, how often do you forget your phone..?).

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With the app you can:

  • Easily navigate through all locations and lessons
  • Make reservations and cancel classes
  • Receive automatic push notifications so you never miss a workout
  • Check in with your smartphone at the location

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Checking in, how it works:

When you arrive at the location you can check in through the app (your iPhone uses location services to register if you’re nearby). Checking in at the OneFit terminal with your card is no longer necessary. After checking in, you simply show the location the confirmation on your phone and you’re ready to start your workout! 

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Can I still use my OneFit card?

No; as soon as you check in with the app, your card gets deactivated.

What if my phone is not working?

We understand that you still want to workout, even when you temporarily don’t have your phone. Contact our customer service desk and they will help you with a provisional card (this applies only to The Netherlands).  

When is it possible to check in?

It is possible to check in from 30 minutes until the start of the class, until max 5 minutes after start of class. After these five minutes it is no longer possible to check in, which means you have missed your reservation. It is therefore important to always check in before the class starts.

And then what do I do?

After checking in you receive a confirmation in the app, which you will be asked to show at the location. An example of the confirmation can be seen above.

What if I’m an Android user? 

The majority of our customers uses iOS, therefore, the iOS app has been given priority. However, we are working on launching the Android app as soon as possible. We will keep you updated! Of course it is still possible for Android users to check in with their card (only in The Netherlands).


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