Weekend Workout tip: indoor strand workout in Den Haag

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Beach boys & girls opgelet! Kun jij ook niet wachten tot je het strandzand tussen je tenen voelt kriebelen? Of ga je dit weekend misschien wel lekker uitwaaien op het strand? Wij hebben een veel leuker idee! Ga voor de full body workout bij Muscle Beach!

Muscle Beach

Zet je hakken in het zand

Wie dol is op circuits, crosstraining en high intensity workouts móet Muscle Beach in Den Haag eens proberen. Hier geven ze een indoor full body training op strandzand, wat je workout nog extra zwaar maakt. Bovendien is op dit strand alles binnen handbereik om er een vette workout van te maken: tractorbanden, gewichten, ballen, battle ropes…

Tropische sferen

Muscle beach heeft er alles aan gedaan om je het gevoel te geven dat je je op de Spaanse costa bevindt: muurschilderingen van de zee, palmbomen, beachvolleybalvelden en rieten stoelen. Zolang de zomer nog niet in zicht is, lijkt het ons de ideale uitvalsbasis.

Beachbody gegarandeerd

Beach bodies are made in winter is een bekende uitspraak. Niet voor niets natuurlijk. Bij Muscle Beach krijg je the best of both worlds: je creëert een beach body op een strand waar je beschut bent voor rukwinden en vrieskou én je volgt een workout waarmee je tot wel 9x sneller kunt vet verbranden dan tijdens een work-out met een lagere intensiteit, zoals hardlopen.

Have fun komende zaterdag om 9.30u!

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Workout of the Week: Get outside and try Bootcamp Training

6 April, 2017 • Tags: , , , ,

The days are finally getting warmer again, which means it’s time to get outside! Bootcamp is a great way to get pumped for summer and what better way to do this than outside. Training outside has a raw, real feel that the gym just cannot replace, so get refreshed and go out into the spring air. Bootcamp is a training activity and comes from old school military training. It is designed to build strength and endurance so you can face the day ahead feeling productive. It’s definitely a tough workout but are you up for the challenge?

bootcamp workout in park

What is Bootcamp Training?

Firstly, Bootcamp training can differ per instructor but it is normally a high-intensity workout with intervals. Additionally, some Bootcamps might use more aerobic and strength training while others might have a more military drill style. For example, a typical workout might use lunges, pull-ups, crunches and sprints – a mix of calisthenics.  Although, Bootcamp training can be done anytime of the day, it’s a great morning activity as it will wake you up and even make your day more productive. However, there is no fixed structure for this type of training so it’s the instructors choice on how you work up a sweat!

What’s so great about Bootcamp?

First of all, high-intensity training is an effective and quick way of burning unwanted fat which is great for those who looking to trim up for summer. Secondly, an increasing amount of research shows that training outside is great for mental stimulation, keeping us awake and attentive. Furthermore, being around nature relives anxiety and stress and provides us with fresh air and the sun (hopefully). We all know staring at the walls in the gym can get tiring, it’s a good idea to go and shake up your mind outside and soak up that vitamin D. Moreover, Bootcamp training is great for motivation, if you are lacking in this, then training in a group is something you should try. Additionally, it is taught by an instructor in a small group, so there is nowhere to hide! The group atmosphere keeps you going until the end – no one wants to be the one left behind. Anyway, a little competition isn’t a bad thing, right?

Where can I try it?

If you haven’t noticed already, this workout is pretty intense – however, that’s no reason to give it a miss. It can be a tough activity for beginners but regular practice will make you fitter, stronger and healthier. As warmer weather approaches, training outside is a great way to keep active and get a tan! There are many Bootcamp activities to join with OneFit, below are some suggestions. Train hard, in a natural environment and feel the benefits!

Amsterdam: Kettlebell Outdoor, ILoveWorkingOut, Workout Amsterdam

Den Haag: Bootcamp Team Den Haag, Fitter Sport, Gezond aan Zee Outdoor

Rotterdam: Bootcamp Tony, Bootcamp Team Rotterdam, Rotterdam Fitness Bootcamp

Utrecht: BuitenGewoonFit, Sporten Voor je Deur, Sportletics

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Workout of the Week: Lengthen and tone with Essentrics

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The Essentrics workout was created back in 1997 by former ballerina Miranda Esmonde-White. By using her own knowledge and consulting with physiotherapists she created this unique fitness technique. The aim of Essentrics is to increase flexibility and mobility so you can feel happier in your own body and keep mobile for longer. Furthermore, this workout is suitable for everyone from professional athletes to seniors.


Essentrics Instructor Danielle de Wilde at MOVE//WEST

What is Essentrics?

Firstly, an Essentrics workout strengthens your muscles, improving flexibility, alignment and posture. It combines movements of Tai Chi, Ballet and Physiotherapy to create a flowy and therapeutic experience using continuous movements and dynamic stretching. Essentrics is low impact but that doesn’t mean you don’t work hard! In one session you engage and work all 620 muscles in your body – it’s a full workout! You flow in and out of deep stretches, engaging your core and opening your joints. After just one class your muscles should feel elongated and your hips looser.

What are the benefits?

Essentrics is known as an age reversing workout, it makes youu more mobile so you remove stiffness caused from prolonged sitting. Through natural movement, joints are pulled apart so fluid can move and scar tissue can be released, removing tension. Additionally, it’s great if you’re recovering from an injury because it does not tire muscles, it only lengthens and tones. Amazingly, it can eventually give you a six pack without the need for crunches! During a class you feel the tension in your muscles disappear as you deepen your movements with the music. Therefore, it’s the perfect workout after a stressful day as it leaves your body feeling revitalised and relaxed. Regular practice of Essentrics improves balance, tones muscles, and gives you a beach body!

Where can I try it?

There are many locations where you can try an Essentrics class. Classes are suitable for anyone at any age and fitness level. Try this age regenerating workout and start feeling the benefits!

Amsterdam: Shape All In, MOVE//WEST, Studio 191, Studio Anna Mora

Den Haag: FitFlow Den Haag

Utrecht: De Workout

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Get Back In Shape: Am I too tired to workout?

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Sometimes you just feel too tired to workout. We all come across this feeling from time to time – your mind says workout but your body says chill out. The big question is, should you still workout when you’re feeling tired or stressed? There is no definitive answer to this. However, figuring out why you are feeling this way will help you decide whether you should hit the gym or take a time out.

too tired to workout

Feeling sleepy? Get up and go

There could be many reasons why you are feeling run down, but if you’re feeling sleepy, stiff and lifeless then hitting the gym could be the answer to your prayers. Even half an hour of exercise can shake up those brain cells and leave you feeling energized. Research shows moderate to vigorous exercise can increase your energy levels and reduce feelings of fatigue. Additionally, if you’re feeling a bit stressed exercise can help you work out worries and clear your mind. So if you’re slacking off your workout plans, think again because you’ll feel ten times better after a good gym session.

Completely exhausted? Give it a miss

On the other hand, if you’re feeling totally exhausted or your body aches – then resting is your best option. Gymming it when you haven’t had enough sleep can actually backfire because lack of sleep tells the brain to store fat actually making it harder for you to lose it. Plus if your too tired to workout, your training probably won’t be very effective anyway. When you’re fully rested you’ll be able to get more out of your workout and that means better results. Also, if you are seriously overloaded with stress then exercising will only take up more of your time –  focus on reducing your tasks to clear your mind before you take a trip to the gym.

Working out makes you need less sleep

Yes it’s true, regular exercise is shown to improve quality of sleep. People who exercise regularly fall asleep quickly and sleep deeper which is more restorative. This means that people who regularly exercise need less sleep to function on a daily basis! Sleep is also key for recovery and most of us need around 7/8 hours of sleep a night. This is the time your body recovers and builds strength and so if your cutting those bedtime hours then you’re just making it harder for yourself. So when you’re feeling too tired to workout, remember more exercise means better sleep!

Recover with OneFit

As well as the hundreds of classes OneFit offers, there are also wellness locations you can visit without a reservation. You can workout in the gym, dip in the pool and detox in the sauna. Be sure to make time for a wellness location in your workout schedule!

AmsterdamThe Wellness Garden, Wellness 1926

Den Haag: Amrath Kurhaus, Active Club Den Haag

Rotterdam: Wellness Centre Terbregge

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Workout of the Week: Krav Maga – Physical and Mental Training

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Ever wanted to try Kickboxing, Thai Chi or Self-Defense? Thankfully, there is something that combines them all – Krav Maga. This unique activity is a self-protection system that is based on natural reactions. The term Krav Maga means body combat in Hebrew and was created by Imi Sde-Or (Litchenfeld). Because of its effectiveness, it was originally used as part of military training but quickly became an activity that everyone wanted to learn! In the 90’s it came to The Netherlands and has become very popular in recent years.

Krav Maga in action

What is Krav Maga training?

Firstly, it’s a unique activity and unlike martial arts it does not involve complex movements. Instead, it’s based on real life situations and quick thinking. Its sole purpose is to teach people how to survive and escape real life conflicts. Additionally, it educates people to respond to danger without using violence. Krav Maga is not a competitive sport but a fitness activity where people support each other and learn with team spirit. Krav Maga helps you gain strength and flexibility through structured exercises and demonstrations. It also speeds up your reactions and makes you more self aware. Furthermore, it makes you streetwise and able to protect yourself in any situation. But most of all, it’s great fun to learn together!

Can I do it?

Krav Maga is relatively easy to learn because of it’s simple nature. It’s a suitable activity for everyone, men and women of all ages can participate. Plus, it’s a great way to experience a new kind of workout while gaining a new skill! It leaves you feeling empowered, confident and fearless – ready to face conflicts in your daily life.

Where can I do it?

With OneFit you can try this activity at Krav Maga HSW in AmsterdamDen HaagUtrecht and Rotterdam. Unsure whether it’s for you? Watch HSW Krav Mags’s introduction video below and get inspired!

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Workout of the Week: Kangoo Workout – Should I try it?

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The Kangoo workout is the latest fitness craze and it’s clear why. This unique workout has benefits for both the body and mind and is a killer fat burner! Once you’ve put on your ‘Kangoo Jump’ shoes, you’ll be springing in no time! Here is all you need to know about this lively workout.


Kangoo Jumps

What is it?

The Kangoo workout is a unique, aerobic workout which is known for shredding fat, without impacting joints. Forget about shoes, meet the ‘Kangoo Jumps’. These are springy boots which are best described as a mix between ski boots and moon shoes! Moreover, these boots provide 80% less impact on your joints than working out on a hard surface, which means it’s suitable for everyone including the injured and elderly.

The Workout

‘Kangoo Jumps’ might look scary to begin with, however after putting them on and you quickly adjust. Standing still is harder than jumping in these boots so don’t be afraid to move! Soon, you’ll be springing around the studio sweating and bouncing to the beat. A Kangoo workout session normally consists of a warm up, aerobic routines, strength training and stretches.  The boots give you the power to control the intensity of your workout, the quicker you jump, the more fat you burn. This can be up to 2x more than your normal workout!

What are the benefits?

This type of workout is classed as rebound training.  Rebound training, reduces body fat while caring for joints. It also works your hip muscles and abdominals, making them firmer. Additionally, Kangoo Jumps are heavy and weight-like, and really strengthen your muscles! It’s intense, and tires you out, enabling you to sleep and relax easier. Finally, it’s a whole body workout so it’s great for your overall fitness and stamina.

Where can I try it?

So, if you’re looking for some fitness fun the Kangoo workout is definitely for you. You’ll leave feeling energised and pumped! Prepare to jump, spring, tone and burn. Kangoo is addictive so you’ll definitely be back for more jumping fun. You can try Kangoo in Amsterdam at Caland Fit. Take a look below for a sneak peak. Happy bouncing!


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Van a tot z de OneFit app

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Sport jij al met de OneFit app? Hiermee regel je namelijk écht alles zelf online, ook het inchecken op een locatie. Je smartphone is het enige wat jij nodig hebt om te sporten (of om te relaxen) met OneFit. Even alles overzichtelijk op een rij: van a tot z de OneFit app.

(for English scroll below)

OneFit app

Wat kan je met de OneFit app:

  • Gemakkelijk navigeren door het aanbod van locaties en lessen
  • Filter op stad/postcode/afstand en starttijd
  • Markeer je favoriete locaties of lessen
  • Kies uit les types of locaties
  • Lessen reserveren (en annuleren)
  • Je kunt automatische push notificaties ontvangen zodat je nooit meer een les vergeet (en eventueel op tijd kan annuleren)
  • Zelf inchecken via je smartphone op locatie
  • Je online rooster toont je reserveringen + gevolgde en favoriete lessen
  • Je kan aangeven welke e-mails / push notificaties je wilt ontvangen


  • Connect met je OneFit vrienden
  • Stuur workout invites
  • Laat je inspireren door het OneFit rooster van jouw workout buddies

 Hoe werkt het inchecken?

Op het moment dat je bij de locatie bent (binnen een straal van 75 meter) kun je inchecken via de app. Hiervoor wordt gebruik gemaakt van de locatievoorzieningen op je telefoon.

  1. Open de app
  2. Klik op het middelste icoon: check in
  3. Binnen een straal van 75 meter rondom de locatie zal de ronde incheck knop groen worden
  4. Druk op de knop en bevestig je checkin!

checkin proces OneFit app

Nadat je hebt ingecheckt laat je je reserveringsbevestiging zien aan de locatie en ben je klaar om te beginnen aan je workout! Je checkin zal tot aan het einde van de dag bewaard blijven in de app. Deze kan je vinden in het portemonneetje linksboven in je scherm, onder het checkin gedeelte van de app.

checkin onefit app


  • Wat als mijn telefoon het niet doet?

We snappen dat je gewoon wilt gaan sporten, ook al doet je telefoon het tijdelijk niet. Neem in dit geval contact op met onze klantenservice, dan zorgen zij dat je gewoon weer aan de slag kunt!

  • Tot wanneer kan ik inchecken?

Inchecken kan enkel vanaf 30 minuten voor aanvang, tot maximaal 5 minuten na aanvang van de les. Daarna kun je niet meer inchecken en heb je je reservering gemist. Het is dus belangrijk dat je altijd voordat de les begint incheckt.

  • Kan ik daarna gewoon doorlopen?

Nadat je hebt ingecheckt ontvang je een reserveringsbevestiging in de app, deze moet je op de desbetreffende locatie laten zien ter bevestiging. Een voorbeeld van deze bevestiging is hierboven afgebeeld.

  • Kan ik een les annuleren?

Het kan altijd gebeuren dat je plannen wijzigen. Daarom kan je een gereserveerde les 2 tot 8 uur van te voren nog annuleren via de app. Je krijgt 15 minuten voor het eindigen van de annuleringsperiode een reminder via een push notificatie. Voor het maken van een reservering wordt de annuleringstermijn aangegeven, houd hier rekening mee!

  • Wat als ik vrij wil trainen in een sportschool?

Dat kan! Het enige verschil met het inchecken van een les is dat je voor vrij trainen geen reservering nodig hebt. Aangekomen bij de gym check je in op de locatie en deze check-in laat je zien aan de receptie.

Onze klantenservice staat je graag te woord als je nog verdere vragen hebt!


Are you using the OneFit app yet? With our app you can arrange everything online and check-in at locations. Your smartphone is all you need to workout (or relax) with OneFit. Here’s everything you need to know about the OneFit app, from A to Z.

OneFit app

What you can do with the OneFit app:

  • Easily navigate through endless locations and classes
  • Filter your search by city, postcode, start time or lesson type
  • Save your favourite locations and lessons
  • Reserve and cancel lessons
  • Enable automatic push notifications so that you never forget a lesson (or so you can cancel in time)
  • Check-in via your smartphone at a location
  • Organise your own online schedule and follow your favourite clases
  • Customise the e-mails you recieve from us


  • Connect with your OneFit friends
  • Send workout invties
  • Check out your friends’ workout schedules and get inspired

How do you check-in?

When you arrive at the location (inside a 75 meter radius) you can check-in via the app. This makes use of the locations services on your smartphone.

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on the middle icon at the bottom: Check-In
  3. When you are close to the location (a 75 meter radius), a green check-in button will become visible, click check-in
  4. Click on confirm to finalise your check-in

checkin proces OneFit app

After you’ve checked in, show your confirmation at the location and then you’re ready to go! Your check-in confirmation will remain in the app until the end of the day. This can be found in your wallet at the top left of your screen, under the check-in section of the app.

checkin onefit app


  • What if I can’t check-in?

We understand that when you want workout, your phone doesn’t always agree… In this case, contact our customer service team and they will sort it out for you!

  • When can I check-in for a class?

You can check-in from 30 minutes before the lesson starts until 5 minutes after the lesson has begun. You can’t check-in if after the lesson, that’s why it’s important that you always check-in before the lesson.

  • Can I just enter after i’ve checked in?

After you’ve checked in you will recieve a reservation confirmation in the app, you must show this at the location to get access to the class. An example of this is shown above.

  • Can I cancel a lesson?

We know that plans sometimes change. That’s why you can cancel a reservation either from 2 till 8 hours before a class begins. You will recieve a cancelation reminder 15 minutes before the end of the cancelation period for that lesson. Classes have different cancelation periods (2 or 8 hours) so check this beforehand!

  • What if I just want to train in the gym?

If you just want some gym time, you can check-in at any gym during their opening hours. Checking in is the same as it is for a class, you just don’t need a reservation.

Our customer service team is happy to help if you have any further questions.

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De grote OneFit award show: BEST BOOTCAMP in Den Haag is Bootcamp Team!

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Jullie recensies zijn awards waard. Eerlijk gekozen door de OneFit members zijn onze award winnaars. In de categorie BEST BOOTCAMP in Den Haag is de winnaar van 2016 Bootcamp Team. Over de trainers wordt stuk voor stuk geschreven dat ze motiveren, uitdagen en corrigeren. Jullie belonen dit enthousiaste en energieke team dan ook met vijf sterren en een 9.7. Bootcamp Team gaat op naar een 10!

award-winnaar-Bootcamp Team

Bootcamp Team in Den Haag geeft uitdagende trainingen waar je energie van krijgt. De groepen hebben een goede en ontspannen sfeer, de reviews die deze organisatie krijgt zijn enkel lovend. Vooral de persoonlijke aanpak wordt door de OneFitters ontzettend gewaardeerd. En niet zomaar, dit is de kernwaarde die de oprichters Richard en Nanda hebben voor Bootcamp Team. Je krijgt hier niet zomaar les van de eerste de beste trainers. Nee bij Bootcamp Team wordt er gehamerd op individuele begeleiding in de groep. Je kan hier dan ook niet ongemerkt de kantjes er vanaf lopen, de trainers kennen je namelijk bij naam!

Bijzonder leuke mensen

Richard vertelt over Bootcamp Team; ‘Onze trainers zijn stuk voor stuk bijzonder leuke en enthousiaste persoonlijkheden. De persoon die de training geeft maakt echt deel uit van het succes. Meer dan bij een gemiddelde groepsles is de waardering van een bootcamp les afhankelijk van de persoon die de training geeft. De workouts zijn gevarieerd en intensief maar wel gebaseerd op het fitheid niveau van de deelnemer, niet iedereen is het zelfde. Een goede trainer is in staat om te zorgen dat iedereen die deelneemt het maximale uit zichzelf haalt. Bij een bootcamptraining wil je bereiken dat de sporter op eigen niveau volledig wordt uitgedaagd.’

Niet alleen je naam wordt onthouden bij Bootcamp Team, er wordt goed geluisterd naar de sporters. Als jij last hebt van een blessure dan wordt dit onthouden en kan hier direct op worden geanticipeerd. Naast dat je kan trainen in de fantastisch mooie parken van Den Haag is een workout op het strand een dikke aanrader. Sporten op het strand is niet alleen uitdagend maar ook een hele ervaring. Eigenlijk kan je wel stellen dat dit unieke workouts zijn; trainen in de zeelucht aan de prachtige kust van Scheveningen!

Bootcamp Team Den Haag

We vroegen Richard ook naar het komende jaar; ‘De goals? We willen groeien in de regio’s waar we al actief zijn. Misschien wel van 130 trainingen per week naar 200. En natuurlijk een OneFit 2017 award erbij!’

Op zoek naar een fantastische training in de buitenlucht met individuele begeleiding in een groep? Aan het begin van de les wordt de hand geschud en jouw naam onthouden: reserveer een les bij deze Bootcamp winnaar van 2016.

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Get back in shape: Exercises for low back pain

Keeping to your normal workout routine can be hard if you are suffering with low back pain. Therefore, your workout routine should be adjusted to avoid further injury. Thankfully, there are numerous exercises for low back pain that can be performed safely. Ultimately, you can still keep fit safely, without loosing muscle and strength!

OneFit stretch

Exercises to avoid

First of all, there are exercises that you should not perform as these will only aggravate and worsen your injury. These include:

Any exercise that causes you pain – This may seem self-explanatory but everybody is different. Some exercises may still irritate your lower back. If you feel any pain, it’s time to take a timeout and try something else!

Front weight bearing movements – any exercises that include holding weight in front of the body. These kind of exercises put strain and pressure on your lower back, something to be avoided if you are suffering with back pain.

Movements bending from the waist – These include abdominal crunches, squats and dead-lifts. These movements are likely to put excessive strain on your lower back and cause discomfort.

Exercises for low back pain

The good news is there are plenty of suitable workouts and exercises for low back pain sufferers. You might have to be willing to try something new, but maybe you’ll find a new favourite workout!

Exercises in the water – Firstly, any exercise performed in water is great news for your back. Not only is there less strain and weight but also, the resistance in the water still makes the workout challenging!

Body weight exercises – In fact, training with your own body weight is a great way to keep up your strength and maintain muscle. Grounded exercises can help you gently stretch out and tension or stress that might be adding to your pain.

Machinery – Certain weight machinery can provide support for your back while you can focus on building your strength, safely. If you feel motivated for a cardio workout then the Recumbent bicycle allows you to work your legs hard with little stress to your back.

Keep motivated and have fun

Lastly, if you create a new workout that you enjoy, you will still be motivated to keep fit. Incorporating safe exercises for lower back pain is key to preventing further injury. If you are still unsure – ask a team member at your local gym for advice on training safely. Below are some great classes to try out if you are ready to ease yourself back into movement safely!

AmsterdamNatural Balance at Sport Natural

UtrechtStretching at De Workout Club

Den HaagMax Flex at Ravez Movement Academy

RotterdamThe Power of Alignment at Villa Yoga

Want to know more about how  OneFit can help you to recover from an injury? Here is some more to read: get back in shape,  physically and mentally.

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Workout of the week – Exploring Vinyasa Yoga

15 February, 2017 • Tags: , , ,

Yoga can be considered therapy for the mind, body and soul and many of you Yogi’s are probably very familiar with the different disciplines of yoga, including the flow of Vinyasa Yoga. For those of you who are not, here is all you need to know about this fun, energetic workout!

Vinyasa Yoga OneFit

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

The term Vinyasa means breath synchronized movement. It can also be referred to as the flow of sequential movement controlled through the breath. This practice of yoga is derived from Hatha yoga and consists of dynamic movements which flow in and out of Asanas (poses) with a deep focus on breath. The aim of this discipline is for your mind to stay present through a moving meditation and afterwards you should feel energized, focused and calm!

How is it different?

Vinyasa is often practiced in a heated room between 35-38 degrees Celsius – but not always. Movements are not static but continuous, with emphasis on downward facing down. The mountain pose and the raised hand pose. Some classes may start with meditation. However there is no strict form for Vinyasa so each class might be a different experience.

What are the benefits?

Vinyasa will make you sweat, it’s great cardio and is challenging! If practiced in a heated room, the heat will help to relive your body of toxins and warm up your muscles to help with flexibility and strength. Taking a Vinyasa class is a great way to start or finish your day and regular practice can help relieve anxiety and clear your mind, leaving you feeling at peace with yourself!

Where can I try it?

Luckily for you, OneFit has many locations where you can try out this meditation workout, there is no fixed structure for Vinyasa Yoga, so try out a few classes until you find one that fits you!  There are many to choose from; but if you are not familiar with any, here are some suggestions.

Amsterdam: Sukha Yoga, TULA yoga studio, Yogaspot

Utrecht: Studio Patricia, Yoga moves, Yoga Point Oudegracht

The Hague: Saktiisha, Balanzs Veenkade, InTension Healthclub Scheveningen

Rotterdam: Kompassie Yoga Studio, Lotus Fish Yoga, Villa Yoga

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