OneFit guide to Valentines

Today we’re giving you some workout inspiration; on the day in which love conquers all. At OneFit we are all about strong love, whether you are celebrating Valentines Day or Palenstines Day this year; at OneFit you can be healthy and romantic! Hitting the gym with a partner is a great way to get motivated, instead of aimlessly running solo on the treadmill, clocking how long you have left. Let’s face it, having your pal or love there instantly makes it more fun, which can make your workout more effective! Gym time shouldn’t be a chore, so replace it with quality time and try out these hassle free exercises with a partner and combine them into your workout routine.

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  • Wheelbarrow pushup with squats

If executed properly this exercise can be a killer way to work those muscles! Partner A starts in a strong plank position, arms tights and core engaged. Partner B stands between A’s feet and lifts their ankles. A then lowers into a push up position, keeping a straight frame; while B completes a squat movement, still holding onto A’s ankles. Repeat for 12 reps then switch!

  • Rotational squat with clap

This one is super easy to do but also effective! Stand back to back with your partner and both drop into a deep squat position. Each partner then rotates their upper torso to each side and claps the hand of their using their outside hand. Repeat to the other side, simple! Remember to keep a deep squat engaged and keep going until you feel the burn!

  • Plank jump

The Plank Jump combines plank with a jumping squat movement. Partner A takes a strong plank position with feet, hip width apart and holds. Partner B stands on one side of A, by the feet. B jumps over A’s feet landing in a deep squat. B immediately repeats this back the other way. Complete 30 seconds then change roles. Keep jumping high and squat deep!

After an intense workout you both might be feeling slightly sore. There is no better way to relax and start recovery than taking a moment to wind down in the Sauna. You can even finish off your day by digging into a luxury three course meal from the chef – romantic! (Check sauna and restaurant facilities per location online). If you’re missing a workout buddy, you can always invite a friend at any time to join OneFit and receive €10 discount on your next payment period! After all, buddies that train together, stay together!

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