How to bring more sleep into your routine

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OneFit tips voor meer slaap en energie

More than seven hours of sleep sounds like a dream. But really, who has time to even daydream, let alone get a luxuriously long night rest. Luckily there are many ways to quickly recharge yourself, and they don’t include illegal naps in the office’s storage room. Or booking a sleep hotel in Tokyo. These snoozy snacks boost your energy more than a box of energy bars.

Yoga Nidra

Also known as sleep yoga. A yoga nidra class often starts with a sequence of somewhat passive asanas, borrowed from hatha. Then, it’s time to slide in your comfy woolen socks and lay down in savasana. A guided meditation transports you to a tranquil haven, allowing you to let go of your body. Nidra pros say a session (usually 75-90 minutes) equals four hours of sleep.


Research states it pretty clear: acupuncture can aid with sleep-related issues. While you lay down, an acupuncturist very precisely places needles in your skin (it doesn’t hurt, no worry). Triggering these points helps directing and harmonising the energy in the corresponding meridians (energy pathways). After a session you tend you feel totally revamped.


If you ever experienced a massage, you know two things do not go well together: a massage and staying awake. Well, most of the time you do tend to stay awake, out of fear to s&d (snore and drool). But anyway, a good old knot session will surely leave you fully energised.


After a day of relaxing in the spa, stepping into the real, cold, busy world can feel quite strange. Did you just skip a week? Yes, the spa truly is the perfect spot to unwind and recharge. Odds are you’ll sleep like a baby afterward.

Floating tank

Just like the Red Sea, a floating tank makes you feel completely weightless. A tank is actually often just a lavish bath, and sometimes a cocoon that pretty much resembles a tanning bank. The tank is brimming with salt and water, and you can switch off the lights and music if you want. A one-hour session equals five hours of sleep, floating tank fans say.


Meditators often experience states of rest and balance, and researchers can even tell this by analysing their brain waves. Meditating brings you in a unique state: relaxed but fully aware. There are countless types of meditation; from chakra to reiki meditation. Almost all own the beneficial trait to load your energy reserves massively. You might as well skip those disco naps in the future.

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Zzz.. Sleep Like A Baby After These Workouts

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Scientists agree that exercising regularly promotes sleep quality. If you don’t move a lot, your sleeping cycles might not be deep enough to provide you with the energy you need during the daytime. Exercise is not a magical pill for more Zzz’s and it might take a while to notice the benefits, but chances are it’ll help improve your sleep quality in the long run. So if you have troubles falling asleep, try these exercises and watch your nightly siesta turn into a deep winter sleep

1.Yin Yoga

This style of yoga offers deeper stretches than other forms, which helps promote sleep. Postures like the candle, happy baby and of course, savasana (those 5 minutes tucked under a blanket) are perfect to help you drift off.

2. Running 

Aside from night owls, most people sleep better if they work out in the morning. Running early in the day is shown to promote better sleep. What’s a good pace? If you can run and talk (not app) you’re good.

3. Swimming

Remember how tired you used to be after a day spent jumping in and out of the pool? There’s a reason for that. Swimming in cold-ish water causes you to lose heat, making your body work harder to get your temperature back up.  So if swimming makes you sleeping, some aquatic exercise during the day will be just what you need to slumber into a sleep at night.

4. Weight lifting

Research shows that weight lifting and naps go hand in hand… What does that mean? After pumping some iron, your muscles need time to recover during sleep, which can help you drift off in minutes. It can also help with sleep apnea. Just avoid training at night and take breaks between workouts.

5. Tai-chi

Tai-chi is a proven method for a better night sleep. Just like yoga, tai-chi can have positive effects on blood circulation. Tai-chi or a similar, slow martial arts class can also relax your muscles and help you to unwind; releasing stress and promoting sleepiness.

6. Yoga Nidra

Literally meaning, ‘lucid dreaming’, this form of yoga refers to the act of getting into a dream like state in which you can control. A Yoga Nidra class consists of a short sequence of asanas and then guided meditation. With practice, you can even transcend out of your body. Scary? Well, in most cases you’ll probably just fall asleep on the mat. So you’ll be in the perfect mood for bedtime.

7. Meditate

In the long run, mediating can dramatically improve your sleep quality. Already given up on it? Give it another go, seriously, a plant grows if you give it a bit of water every day – just keep that in mind.

Still can’t sleep? Try hot chocolate by a warm fire. And what about those fancy oils and sprays for pillows, any idea if they work? We’re on it!

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Get Back In Shape: Am I too tired to workout?

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Sometimes you just feel too tired to workout. We all come across this feeling from time to time – your mind says workout but your body says chill out. The big question is, should you still workout when you’re feeling tired or stressed? There is no definitive answer to this. However, figuring out why you are feeling this way will help you decide whether you should hit the gym or take a time out.

too tired to workout

Feeling sleepy? Get up and go

There could be many reasons why you are feeling run down, but if you’re feeling sleepy, stiff and lifeless then hitting the gym could be the answer to your prayers. Even half an hour of exercise can shake up those brain cells and leave you feeling energized. Research shows moderate to vigorous exercise can increase your energy levels and reduce feelings of fatigue. Additionally, if you’re feeling a bit stressed exercise can help you work out worries and clear your mind. So if you’re slacking off your workout plans, think again because you’ll feel ten times better after a good gym session.

Completely exhausted? Give it a miss

On the other hand, if you’re feeling totally exhausted or your body aches – then resting is your best option. Gymming it when you haven’t had enough sleep can actually backfire because lack of sleep tells the brain to store fat actually making it harder for you to lose it. Plus if your too tired to workout, your training probably won’t be very effective anyway. When you’re fully rested you’ll be able to get more out of your workout and that means better results. Also, if you are seriously overloaded with stress then exercising will only take up more of your time –  focus on reducing your tasks to clear your mind before you take a trip to the gym.

Working out makes you need less sleep

Yes it’s true, regular exercise is shown to improve quality of sleep. People who exercise regularly fall asleep quickly and sleep deeper which is more restorative. This means that people who regularly exercise need less sleep to function on a daily basis! Sleep is also key for recovery and most of us need around 7/8 hours of sleep a night. This is the time your body recovers and builds strength and so if your cutting those bedtime hours then you’re just making it harder for yourself. So when you’re feeling too tired to workout, remember more exercise means better sleep!

Recover with OneFit

As well as the hundreds of classes OneFit offers, there are also wellness locations you can visit without a reservation. You can workout in the gym, dip in the pool and detox in the sauna. Be sure to make time for a wellness location in your workout schedule!

AmsterdamThe Wellness Garden, Wellness 1926

Den Haag: Amrath Kurhaus, Active Club Den Haag

Rotterdam: Wellness Centre Terbregge

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