Workout Tip: 10 x Staying Cool in Rotterdam

15 August, 2018 • Tags: ,

Bootcamp, boxing, pilates, CrossFit… you probably tried all of our classes at least once. Are you ready to work your strength and your condition all at once? Go for a swim, because we got like 500 new meters of pool in Rotterdam!

Zwemmen Rotterdam

Swimming as a workout

Swimming is fun (we think) and a super healthy full body workout (proven). You’re not only doing your cardio, but you’re using almost every muscle in your body when you’re practicing front crawl or breaststroke. And just when you think it doesn’t get any better: half an hour of swimming equals an hour of working out on dry land. Do you prefer to relax? Well, even then swimming is perfect.

Swimming in Rotterdam

With ten(!) new pools to visit in Rotterdam, it’s getting very easy to cool down at one of 14 awesome swimming locations! Let’s go: after practicing your butterfly stroke (or just some laps of oldschool breaststroke) you can rest for a little in the whirlpool of zwembad Afrikaanderplein.nagenieten in het bubbelbad. For hardcore swimmers zwemcentrum Rotterdam is like heaven on earth with the 50 meter pool. You can also join some new classes like floatfit and aquajump. Zwembad Hoogvliet is the kind of pool that brings back the child in you. Hello, inflatable slides, balls and bubble baths. You can do laps in the competition pool as well. Or you could just throw yourself off the awesome slide at sportcentrum De Wilgenring. Working your condition can be done best at zwembad Overschie. Fancy something other than swimming laps? Then go for aquajogging at zwembad IJsselmonde or treat yourself with a full workout and join Aquazumba or Aquafit at Sportcentrum West. A swimming sesh at the brand new sportcentrum de Rozenburcht is ideal for swimming laps to release all of the work stress or to get rid of that stupid hangover.

Nope, that’s not all, there’s also two outside swimming venues:

  • Dive into the heated pool while getting some fresh air at zwembad Pernis!
  • A heated outside pool and a tanning lawn are everything you need for your staycation, so bring your swimming gear to  buitenzwembad Hoek van Holland.

We know, you’re completely baffled by this huge number of swimming pools! Our tip for taking it slow is, ofcourse… swimming in Rotterdam. See you at the pool! 

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