Get back in shape: Exercises for low back pain

Keeping to your normal workout routine can be hard if you are suffering with low back pain. Therefore, your workout routine should be adjusted to avoid further injury. Thankfully, there are numerous exercises for low back pain that can be performed safely. Ultimately, you can still keep fit safely, without loosing muscle and strength!

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Exercises to avoid

First of all, there are exercises that you should not perform as these will only aggravate and worsen your injury. These include:

Any exercise that causes you pain – This may seem self-explanatory but everybody is different. Some exercises may still irritate your lower back. If you feel any pain, it’s time to take a timeout and try something else!

Front weight bearing movements – any exercises that include holding weight in front of the body. These kind of exercises put strain and pressure on your lower back, something to be avoided if you are suffering with back pain.

Movements bending from the waist – These include abdominal crunches, squats and dead-lifts. These movements are likely to put excessive strain on your lower back and cause discomfort.

Exercises for low back pain

The good news is there are plenty of suitable workouts and exercises for low back pain sufferers. You might have to be willing to try something new, but maybe you’ll find a new favourite workout!

Exercises in the water – Firstly, any exercise performed in water is great news for your back. Not only is there less strain and weight but also, the resistance in the water still makes the workout challenging!

Body weight exercises – In fact, training with your own body weight is a great way to keep up your strength and maintain muscle. Grounded exercises can help you gently stretch out and tension or stress that might be adding to your pain.

Machinery – Certain weight machinery can provide support for your back while you can focus on building your strength, safely. If you feel motivated for a cardio workout then the Recumbent bicycle allows you to work your legs hard with little stress to your back.

Keep motivated and have fun

Lastly, if you create a new workout that you enjoy, you will still be motivated to keep fit. Incorporating safe exercises for lower back pain is key to preventing further injury. If you are still unsure – ask a team member at your local gym for advice on training safely. Below are some great classes to try out if you are ready to ease yourself back into movement safely!

AmsterdamNatural Balance at Sport Natural

UtrechtStretching at De Workout Club

Den HaagMax Flex at Ravez Movement Academy

RotterdamThe Power of Alignment at Villa Yoga

Want to know more about how  OneFit can help you to recover from an injury? Here is some more to read: get back in shape,  physically and mentally.

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Get Back in Shape: Recovering from an injury, physically and mentally

21 February, 2017 • Tags: , , ,

Injury is inevitable when you are regularly active. Unfortunately, this kind of setback can impact us physically and mentally. First of all, it can leave us unable to participate in our usual exercise and it can also leave us feeling emotionally drained and negative. However, all is not doomed. There are some helpful steps you can take when recovering from an injury – just know your own body and limits.

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Recovering from an injury first is key

Firstly, probably the most important part of recovering from an injury is rest. As a dedicated OneFitter you might dread the thought of being inactive for long period. However, letting pride and vanity get in the way is not going to help your body in the long run. Therefore, it is vital that you rest up – let your body heal!

Recovering from an injury will take time and this differs per person. Although, you should get the green light first from whoever has treated you – physician or therapist. Most likely, you will not be able to bounce back into your old routine. Instead, take it slow and learn how to train with an injury.

Listen to your body

Learn some new exercises you can perform safely. Ask a member of training staff at your favorite location to help you perform them safely. This way, you can keep your strength up without damaging your healing process. Remember recovery is key so don’t push your limits. Additionally, you can make use of our wellness locations and relax and recover to the max!

Furthermore, one of the best ways to slowly ease your body back into movement is attending a yoga class, one that is specifically designed for helping you recover from illness or injury. Classes that restore your natural posture and alignment will prepare your body for more intense training to come. Mentally, they will help to clear your mind of worry and anxiety you have about any injuries.

Start moving again

Finally, if you recover at a gentle pace and listen to your body; you will regain fitness slowly but surely. Nobody said it would be easy, but here are some class suggestions to help you along the way.

Rotterdam – Yoga voor je rug (Yoga for your back) at Kompassie Yoga Studio

UtrechtRelax and Renew at Yoga Moves

The Hague – Gentle Hatha & Yoga Nidra at Saktiisha

Amsterdam – Stress Relief at Happy Yoga Time

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