Why you shouldn’t quit playing when you grow up

3 May, 2018 • Tags: , ,

FC Urban potje voetballen

Playing with other adults or kids is one of the healthiest activities you can do. And your city is one big playground. 9 OneFit proof tips to play and workout.

You’ve probably been told that playing is healthy many times when you were young. Well, researchers even have the proof to back it up. They state that playing doesn’t only make you healthy, but also smarter and collaborative.

Not just for kids

Aside from plain playing, everything in the same spectrum, like humor, games, and fantasy, also improve your life. Playing for a sufficient amount of time is essential to the development of children’s brains. It makes they more social, and capable of communicating with other kids. But recess shouldn’t be over when you grow up.

Best hobby

Play is important, researchers say, because it’s voluntary, pleasurable, triggers engagement and takes you out of the time. You’re also less focused on results, but more on the game itself. In our competition-driven society, this surely is something we could embrace more en benefit us.

The conclusion is clear: it’s time to press play! If the time allows it; play every day. Here are 9 tips for playful workouts you can all join with your membership.

Oldskool gym class

ApenkooiGym Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague en Utrecht

Soccer game

Amsterdam: FC Urban, Kicks Voetbal
Rotterdam: FC Urban
Utrecht: Kicks Voetbal

Tennis and Padel

Amsterdam: Amstelpark Tennis, Tennisvereniging Linnaeushof
Rotterdam: Padelclub Victoria


Amsterdam: Het Gymlokaal en Chasse Dance Studios.
Rotterdam: Aldeia capoeira 


Amsterdam: Golfschool Fairway Amsterdam

Supping, kayaking or canoeing

Amsterdam: SUP&Meer supschool
Rotterdam: Fun Forest Rotterdam

Surfing & longboarding

Den Haag: Hartbeach Quicksilver Surfschool

Parent and child boxing



Amsterdam: Klimhal Mountain Network
Rotterdam: Neoliet
The Hague: Boulderhal De Campus
Utrecht: Neoliet

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