OneFit Teachers: Renzo Poblete – “The future of fitness is hybridisation”

If you have followed classes at Splash, Medico Vision, Sports World or PLTS, then you’ll probably recognise this handsome face! Renzo Poblete is an instructor at many OneFit locations in Amsterdam. He’s known for his energetic classes and motivation to make you sweat! Renzo recently took the time to have a chat with us about his journey to fitness instructor and views about living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Renzo Poblete

Peru to Amsterdam

All my life I’ve been enthusiastic about sports. In high school I was a professional swimmer, I swam 5 hours a day. So when I moved here from Peru over 15 years ago, naturally sports were never far away from me. I was actually training at Club Sportive (now Splash) and they saw potential in me. They gave me the opportunity to start studying to become a teacher, I had never taught group lessons before but I thought it was a great opportunity. It all happened so fast, I started working with them full time and then I was working with every other gym in Amsterdam. Plus, I took part in a lot of conventions all over the world and that gave me a lot of opportunities later.

The secret to being fit

I’m still figuring out the secret to being fit! It’s changing constantly, nowadays it’s more about preservation because we are so busy. I used to find that Step Choreo was my favourite class to teach, but now I find Pilates calling me. Now I’m 40, I have to think a lot about how I spend my energy, I can’t be jumping around all the time. I also became vegetarian not that long ago, which has made a difference to my body, I’m less tired. I think that is going to be the future.


Advice for beginners

First of all you have to have a talk with a trainer in the gym. Tell them about your background and if you have any health issues. It’s really important you talk to professionals before you start training so you can maximize your experience and enjoy what the gym is all about. Trainers can match your goals to certain training exercises or classes. If we don’t know anything about you, then there will be a delay before we can actually help. So let a trainer know your goals, it’s the most important thing for beginners.

The future of fitness

My predictions for the future are more high-intensity workouts and less time standing around in the gym. Right now everything is more high intensity minded in group classes but this will probably increase. Hybridisation of things is happening a lot right now. We keep changing, the things that used to work when I started teaching don’t work anymore, so I think there will be more high impact classes, more hybrids of classes and just more of a healthy lifestyle overall.

Renzo teachers Step Choreo, Les Mills Bodyshape, Bodypump, Bodybalance and Reformer Pilates. You can find his classes at PLTS, Medico Vision, Splash and Sportsworld.

Written by Laura Court-Jones

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