Workout tip: obstacle run / the basics at BOK in The Hague

4 October, 2018 • Tags: ,

So, we heard you’re ready for a next level workout? And you’re not afraid of some obstacles? Then you should definitely try an obstacle run at BOK (Bootcamp Obstacle Klub)! Sounds rough? It is. But for who hasn’t done something like this before, they’ve got a ‘the basics’ workout at BOK.

obstacle run the basics BOK

The basics

Does an obstacle run seem a lot of fun to you, but haven’t you been working out regularly for a while or do you not have experience with different obstacle run techniques? Then this training is perfect for you! They’ll explain everything from the beginning. That means: a lot of attention is paid to the various obstacle run techniques. This will be combined with the conditional aspect of this awesome sport.

Cold, quickly?

A small, but important detail: the temperature at BOK is equal to the outside temperature (but as a tough athlete, you don’t mind, do you?). Tip: adapt your workout outfit to the weather. The course of BOK is under the roof of the ice rink (De Uithof), so you’re safe when it rains. See you there on Monday?

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