Workout of the week: Thai Boxing – Everything you need to know

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Ever considered trying out Thai boxing? This style of boxing is high impact and sure to get those endorphins pumping! Thai boxing is a discipline of traditional kickboxing that comes from the martial arts (Muay boran), now known as Muay Thai. Although it originated in the 16th century, it became modernized in the 19th century as a combination of Muay Thai, karate and western boxing. Therefore, it is considered as a style of kickboxing but there are actually many more differences than similarities.

Thai boxing FC van Dams

What is it?

To be specific, Thai Boxing has a strong focus on kicking, punching and use of the elbows and knees. This is known as the eight-point contact system. Furthermore, it incorporates the use of clinches. To explain, clinches are a way of tying up the opponent for a positional reset. Additionally, this discipline is in fact slower and more controlled than traditional boxing, with a focus on strong lower leg kicks.

Kick boxing vs Thai Boxing

First of all, Thai boxing is referred to as the ‘’Art of Eight Limbs’ because of the eight-point contact system it utilizes. In some cases, it may contain some ceremonial elements. Because of this, each Thai boxer has their own unique style – you might find some teachers incorporate more kickboxing elements than traditional Muay Thai or vice versa. Moreover, Thai Boxing can contain harsher techniques such as palm strikes and backfists which are not normally allowed in traditional kickboxing.

An intense workout

Additionally, Thai boxing is a great workout! When learning this discipline of boxing you will master a skilled technique and lessons are normally given on a punching bag. This activity is a good way to gain strength, especially in the legs as you master the low leg kicks. It is an intense workout but it is also great fun!

Where can I try it?

You can begin your Thai Boxing journey easily at OneFit!  There are several locations which offer different types of Thai boxing. Trained professional teachers will guide you through the movements as you gain confidence, so try it out! Don’t know where to go to? Check the OneFit map through the app or online or click the links below and read all our locations it!

Amsterdam: Thai Boksen Recreanten at Vos Gym Amsterdam

Utrecht:  Thai-Kickboks Zaktraining at Fightingclub Van Dams

The Hague: Thai Boksen Gemend/Recreanten at Hit and Health

Rotterdam: Kickboksen/Muay Thai at Oosterbaan Gym

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