Workout of the Week: Kangoo Workout – Should I try it?

15 March, 2017 • Tags: , , , , , ,

The Kangoo workout is the latest fitness craze and it’s clear why. This unique workout has benefits for both the body and mind and is a killer fat burner! Once you’ve put on your ‘Kangoo Jump’ shoes, you’ll be springing in no time! Here is all you need to know about this lively workout.


Kangoo Jumps

What is it?

The Kangoo workout is a unique, aerobic workout which is known for shredding fat, without impacting joints. Forget about shoes, meet the ‘Kangoo Jumps’. These are springy boots which are best described as a mix between ski boots and moon shoes! Moreover, these boots provide 80% less impact on your joints than working out on a hard surface, which means it’s suitable for everyone including the injured and elderly.

The Workout

‘Kangoo Jumps’ might look scary to begin with, however after putting them on and you quickly adjust. Standing still is harder than jumping in these boots so don’t be afraid to move! Soon, you’ll be springing around the studio sweating and bouncing to the beat. A Kangoo workout session normally consists of a warm up, aerobic routines, strength training and stretches.  The boots give you the power to control the intensity of your workout, the quicker you jump, the more fat you burn. This can be up to 2x more than your normal workout!

What are the benefits?

This type of workout is classed as rebound training.  Rebound training, reduces body fat while caring for joints. It also works your hip muscles and abdominals, making them firmer. Additionally, Kangoo Jumps are heavy and weight-like, and really strengthen your muscles! It’s intense, and tires you out, enabling you to sleep and relax easier. Finally, it’s a whole body workout so it’s great for your overall fitness and stamina.

Where can I try it?

So, if you’re looking for some fitness fun the Kangoo workout is definitely for you. You’ll leave feeling energised and pumped! Prepare to jump, spring, tone and burn. Kangoo is addictive so you’ll definitely be back for more jumping fun. You can try Kangoo in Amsterdam at Caland Fit. Take a look below for a sneak peak. Happy bouncing!


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