PrePaid Fitness ideal for Expats

There are a lot of expats in the Netherlands. Unfortunately many expats are here for only a short amount of time. So what does that mean for their fitness regime? A few months abroad shouldn’t have to break healthy habits. Needless to say expats are not looking forward to sign a one-year contract with a gym. Many expats who have visited gyms in the past had to pay crazy entrance fees because clubs were not keen on servicing one day flies. Majority of clubs aim to sell a one-year membership to every prospective client. Well, those days are over. Gyms have become more sensitive to their customer’s needs and understand that long-term contracts are not a fit for everyone. Today, with PrePaid Fitness, OneFit locations can easily provide a way for expats to workout too. Splendid isn’t it? Anyone can pick a gym of their liking and only pay per visit. Just like we Dutchies do.

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