3 Very good reasons to start exercising outside

7 June, 2018 • Tags: ,

Gym rat or not, summers are perfect for working out in the open air. A heatwave may drive you to the airco, but don’t let the temperature discourage you. Exercising outdoors comes with a slew of benefits and we piled them up for you.

working out outdoors

1. Huge energy and health boost

Researchers found out that exercising outside the comfort of a gym or your house comes with major benefits. Sport lovers feel revitalised, less aggressive and energised. Spending time outside also has a positive effect on your vitality and mood.

2. Vitamine D

Vitamin D is essential to strong bones, a healthy immune system and your energy stock. Almost all of us could use more of this vitamin. Especially since the summers here last for about.. ehm one week, and it’s via the sun that we attain Vitamin D. If you have mixed or non-Caucasian roots, you need even more. It’s always a good idea to supplement, but exercising outdoors gives you the necessary shot of sun vitamins, free of charge. Make sure you spend at least 30 minutes in the sun between 10.00 and 15.00, twice a week.

3. Exercising indoors is half the fun

Ever tried to surf, sup or ride a kayak indoors? Not the best idea right? Rowing yourself tired in the gym hardly resembles the real deal of a ride on the water. Think adrenaline, the sun on your nose, the excitement of battling the water… that’s what it’s all about. And spinning on pumping beats surely is not a punishment, maar does it match a real bicycle ride to a beachy town? OneFit allows you to join a bunch of workouts that turn you into a happy, fit outdoorsy camper.

Go cycle in a group with other noobs or bike buffs and enjoy beautiful sights. Or dive into the outside swimming pool of the Noorderparkbad in Noord. And on Wednesdays, you can even jump trampoline on Blijburg beach, three times a day! Supping, outdoor yoga, bootcamps, soccer, golf and running in the Vondelpark are a few of the many other workouts you can join.

The Hague
In The Hague, you can join a bootcamp, do yoga on the beach, join a mindfulness walk the park, run and much more.

In Rotterdam you can sup, bootcamp, swim outside, ride a canoe, surf and more.

In Utrecht you can do an interval training in the Griftpark, play soccer, do yoga in the parc, challenge yourself in an ice-bath and more.

Ps. Make sure not to burn or get dehydrated in the sun. Always wear sunscreen, drink lots of water and workout in the shade as well. Just as good for ya!

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