Workout tip: evening meditation at Meditation PopUp Badhuis in Amsterdam

27 September, 2018 • Tags: , , ,

Even though you (usually) sit with your eyes closed during meditation, a nice environment certainly has an influence on how zen you can get. And now that it gets dark quite early, we don’t feel bad about staying inside. So, how about a nice evening session at Meditation Popup Badhuis?

evening meditation popup badhuis

Meditating @ the tea room

You probably didn’t see this one coming: meditating in a former hammam, which is now even a municipal monument! The sessions are organized by Meditation PopUp in the tea room of the hammam. Think: warm colours and beautiful tiles. The perfect place for you to sit and relax. The entrance is at Zaanstraat 88: “Volksbadhuis Ingang Vrouwen”. That means “Hammam Entrance for Women”. No worries, nowadays men are welcome here as well.

Nighty night!

Meditating can be done anywhere and at any time. Still, it’s recommended to do it in the morning. That doesn’t work for you? Then evening meditation can be very nice as well. Why? It helps to reduce the stress you’ve built up throughout the day. You’ll come to rest and it is the perfect way to get into a deep sleep afterwards. At home, of course.

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