7 awesome activities for a perfect summer vibe

8 August, 2018 • Tags: , , ,

Who else can’t stop celebrating their vacay? Everyone? Ok, good, because OneFit has all the ingredients to prolong your holiday as much as you’d like. With an ultimate summer activity, you’ll forget the work in workout and it feels more like a #sundayfunday kind of thing. Read on to discover our favourites.

Summer vibe

Bungee Superfly in Amsterdam

Is there anything that sounds more like a fun vacation than playing your own action hero? At Bungee Super Fly you’re flying around, while improving your body’s strength, flexibility and core stability. Defying gravity was never this much fun!

Indoor Cliff Diving in Amsterdam

Did you not manage to show off your diving skills this year during your vacation, simply because you didn’t have any of them? Better luck next time, because a few classes of Indoor Cliff Diving will help you hit the water as elastic as a dolphin.

Jump XL in Rotterdam

Holding on to that happy summer vibe isn’t all that tough while you’re on Jump XL’s trampolines. You can jump around as much as you like in several themed zones. Are you going dare-devil in the Extreme Zone of maybe letting your inner Michaelangelo out in the Ninja Course?

ApenkooiGym in Utrecht

With this fun activity you lose track of time like crazy. You might lose your sense of reality as well, because you won’t even notice you’re working out. A game of “apenkooien” takes you back to high school just for a little.

Jakarta Wellness in Amsterdam

You’ll find next level views at Jakarta Wellness, because your pool bed is facing the ‘IJ’. For vibes a tad more tropical, just do a 180, because – hello – there’s the hotel’s indoor botanical garden. For temperatures a tad more tropical, you turn to the Turkish bath or the Finnish sauna.

Het Hofbad in Den Haag

A day at the pool at het Hofbad in The Hague is another one of those activities with that splendid summer vibe you’re looking for. Within this real-life paradise you’ll find everything you need; a 50-meter pool, 4 diving boards, a 5-meter-high diving tower, a paddling pool, a recreation pool with a slide of 60 meters, a whirlpool and a wild water creek.

Bouldermuur de Uithof in Den Haag

At Klimmuur de Uithof there are so many trails, you’ll be busy for quite some time. Getting tired? With the comfortable lounge beds your energy will be restocked instantly, so you can go for another round.

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