5 workouts you don’t want to miss

At OneFit, we want working out to be fun. To prevent you from getting bored with sports, you can try (almost) all sports you can think of with OneFit. How about boot camp, boxing and pilates? Been there, done that? Step out of your comfort zone and say hi to the coolest workouts that you can now experience with OneFit.


Indoor climbing

Bouldering is f*cking cool! Instead of climbing to the top, you’ll be crawling against a wall of 4 meters high maximum, unsecured. No worries: in case you lose grip or your muscles let you down, there’s always a huge mat to fall on.

The Hague
Boulderhal De Campus
Klimmuur De Uithof


Boulderhal Energiehaven



Do you want a Dutch trip down memory lane? This is your workout! During a sesh of Apenkooien, you’ll play oldskool games like tag, dodgeball or crab soccer with balls that are bigger than you (okay, maybe not since you’re all grown up now). Of course, this class starts with sitting on the bench and listening to the master.

The Hague
✓ Apenkooigym (back soon)




Shake that booty. Or those boobies. Try belly dance, tap dance, hip hop, modern ballet, hula hoop, pole dancing dancehall and more… Show your friends you still have it in you. Check out these locations:

The Hague
Dansacademie Den Haag

DA Dance Studio

Touchee Dance Company

SUPPEN Fun Forest


Dive into a swimming pool. Relax in a sauna. Or go paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking or surfing. You’ll feel like you’re on a holiday in no time. Yes, that’s what we are for as well.

The Hague
Hart Beach
Gezond aan zee outdoor

Fun Forest
De Surfschool



We’re not sure if it’s okay to call this a workout. But… you can clear your head here as easily as during every other sport. With mindfulness, you’ll train your mind(set) – which is at least as important as training the body.

The Hague
Offline Mindfulness
Bliss Soul

Lotus Fish Yoga

Yoga Point Oudegracht
Yoga moves
De Yogaschool Utrecht

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Workout tip: disco workout bij DPFC Gym & Dance

11 July, 2018 • Tags: , , ,

Hebben jouw benen niet genoeg danskilometers afgelegd afgelopen weekend? Dan is deze maandagochtend workout echt iets voor jou. Move en groove op discohits!

DPFC Dance

Monday morning blues disco

Bij DPFC Gym & Dance hebben ze de leukste workout bedacht om wakker op te worden op de maandagochtend: de Disco workout. Met hitjes uit de jaren ‘60, ‘70 en ‘80 uit de speakers natuurlijk; da’s weer eens iets anders dan die techno van het weekend.

Ik dans dus ik besta

Je doet hier natuurlijk niet alleen danspasjes. Je krijgt een swingende full body workout. Reserveer nu je plek op maandag om 10.00 uur. Want: ah, ah, ah, you better stay alive!

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These Are The Dopest Dance Styles In Town

26 April, 2018 • Tags: ,

Now that the sun justifies your daily wine intake, you also start craving summer vibes again. You know what that means: endless dance sessions on your bare feet. Got a bit rusty? Forget about cardio and bust some moves!

Dansen met onefit

If science says so
Studies have shown dance can be a great to relieve stress and boost body image. Another plus is obviously is the body dancing shapes, and on top of that you’ll also gain core strength and a booty that turns heads. And men, you also gain some (aside from the view): a man with dance moves is a gift to all of us.

Everyone has moves
Dancing is for everyone; as long as you’ve got hips. It’s about enjoying yourself and feeling comfortable. With your membership, you can capture almost every style’s secrets.  

Fiesta latina
Latin styles are well represented in each of the OneFit cities. A great benefit to latin dance is that they really promote burning those calories. You can find a Zumba class -the dance that is taking over gyms all around the world- in every city. And maybe you’ll even find a salsa, zouk or latin house class! Also nice: give another city a shot!

Dancing around the world
In every place imaginable, people have been dancing for ages. In India, Bollywood dancers are casting a spell on millions, in Jamaica you rediscover your inner dancehall gyal, in LA you can see the best show dance performances, for belly dancing you need to travel to Morocco and streetdance is everywhere. And, did you know you can learn all these styles with OneFit? Crazier even; in Amsterdam you can even master the art of lap dancing!

Switch it up
Changing up your workout routine on the regular is great for your body. After a period of 6-8 weeks, your body usually wants you to switch it up, otherwise it gets ‘lazy’, which means physically you will respond less to exercises. Learning new moves also promotes a good memory and makes sport much more enjoyable. Besides, you will be ready to show off those flexible hips this festival season!

Try these workouts out in your city:


Brazilian booty


Streetdance gevorderden

Hiphop freestyle


Caribbean ‘wining’




Bollywood bootcamp

Samba solo

High heels


Easy moms dance

Den Haag


Tropical Dance Fiesta

High Heels



Afro intermediate

Pole dancing

Latin house

Zumba toning

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Workout tip: Zumba bij Dance & Showbizz Academy in Den Haag!

23 April, 2018 • Tags: , , ,

In de jaren negentig was het er ineens: zumba! Een Colombiaan bedacht ‘t en binnen no-time kon je echt ó-ve-ral zumbalesjes volgen. Zie jij ze nou ook steeds staan in je OneFit-overzicht, maar nog nooit geprobeerd? Lekker meedoen bij de Dance & Showbizz Academy in Den Haag dan!

Zumba in Den Haag


Dat zumba zooo populair werd heeft natuurlijk een reden. Sporten op een apparaat in een fitnesszaaltje komt algauw neer op meters maken, staren naar je calorieënverbrandingsmetertje en gauw naar huis strompelen als je je doel hebt gehaald. Met zumba verbrand je minstens zoveel en vier je gelijk een lekker latinfeestje!

Despacito? Rapidito !

Zumba betekent letterlijk ‘buzzing’. Je bent continu bezig met danspasjes die echt iedereen wel kan volgen, je schudt je haren, schouders en benen lekker los, waant je op Isla Mujeres en je ruikt de zon en de zee bíjna. Na een uurtje heb je een volledige body workout gehad! Wedden dat je gelijk je volgende lesje zumba boekt?

Boek ‘m gauw hier!

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OneFit Teachers: Nicole Cole – “When I dance I can be myself”

Nicole Cole is a student turned full time dancer. Since being discovered on Instagram, she has worked with artists such as Broederliefde, Hardwell, Yellow Claw. She has also danced at Milkshake Festival and Urban Music Festival. But that’s not all, she is also a dedicated dance teacher who is known for her feisty, fun classes – Dancehall and Twerk. Get to know all about her below!

Nicole Cole dancehall

A Gymnast at heart

My name is Nicole, I was born in Poland and I’ve now been in The Netherlands since 2011. I started doing gymnastics when I was five, but at the age of 12 I broke my wrist. I tore my inside ligaments and this injury was difficult to recover from , so focused on dance. I did Modern and Ballet but I always liked feminine styles the best. That’s why when I discovered Dancehall and Twerking, I just focused on that. My favourite style uses a lot of flow work and is sensual, sexy dancing with heels. I just love this power of sex appeal and when I dance I can be myself – this kind of sexy animal!

Instagram star

I work very closely with an entertainment agency ‘April  M Jordan Entertainment’ who discovered me on Instagram. It changed my life, because two years ago I was planning to finish my studies and I always pushed dancing away because not many dancers make it. You can be a great dancer and a beautiful girl but if you don’t meet certain people and the right time you just will not make it. The things that are happening in my life right now are way more than I ever dreamed of. I’ve danced in music videos, at festivals and I also give bookings for pole dancing. I didn’t choose to be a full time dancer, it chose me somehow.

Femininity is a weapon

With dancing, I just love this transition of women from being shy, insecure to confident and strong. When ladies follow my classes, they start to feel more confident in their body. Not only do they become more sexy, but they get more body conscious and body confident; and when you feel more confident you can present yourself better in everyday life. I think that being a women and being feminine is a weapon that you can use. It doesn’t mean every girl should just only think about being sexy and pretty but I believe that if you have the brains, the looks and the charm you should use all of them. Being confident, sexy and smart is the complete package and you should use whatever works to help you in life.

A sexy, intense workout

Deep in my heart I’m a gymnast, it pushes the body to limits and shows the beauty of the human body, so I like to keep my classes intense. I hope my Dancehall and Twerk classes are unique and something you cannot find anywhere else. You get the same workout that you would do at the gym but in a fun and sexy way.  I think many girls can feel intimidated by this, but I’ve also had many ladies come up to me after class saying they actually really liked it because they would never dare to be really feminine in the normal world. It makes them feel a way they’ve never felt before. Plus, there is always someone for the first time. So I don’t mind if you come to my class and half way through you realise it’s totally not for you and sit down. Just come and see for yourself because it’s always a great atmosphere with a great group of ladies and you have nothing to be afraid of.

Learn some smooth moves in Dancehall…

You can learn some sexy routines with Nicole Cole at Chasse Dance Studios and Pole Dance Factory. Lessons vary each week, with different kinds of styles and movements. Reserve a class in Dancehall or Twerk and let your feminine energy flow!

Written by Laura Court-Jones

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OneFit Teachers: Alina Tuluceanu – “my gift was to be a teacher”

4 December, 2017 • Tags: , , , , , , ,

Meet Alina Tuluceanu a passionate Romanian girl whose dreams lead her to Holland over eleven years ago. Alina was searching for something amazing and found it at Rasalila in Amsterdam, a place where acrobatics, silks and tricks make magic. Read her inspiring journey to loveable teacher and find out more about her unique classes.

A Dreamer

My name is Alina and I’m a teacher at Rasalila. I originally come from Romania, a place where you are expected to get a job, get married, get settled and that’s life. There, I felt that the part of me that wanted to peruse my dreams was gone forever. So I took a bold step came to The Netherlands almost 11 years ago. I set out to find something I enjoyed, I tried out various gyms but I was never pleased since I don’t like training on my own. I joined group classes in the gym, but still it wasn’t for me. Then I found Rasalila. I loved it so much, I started taking all the classes in the schedule, I didn’t know how to do anything but I just wanted to be there. Sometimes I trained almost 25 hours a week.

Hidden Talent

While I was at Rasalila I noticed that I was very interested in analyzing movement. I’ve had many different jobs in the past, but always in the role of a coach. I have a lot of patience with people and I love to see people develop and grow. I believe that you can learn a lot in life but some things you are born. I think my gift was to be a teacher, to share knowledge with others. I took this and completed my training to become a teacher and I’ve now been teaching already for three years.

Passion for People

People are really my passion. I love to analyze behavior and I still want to do something with psychology or anthropology in the future. I want to learn more about how to motivate people so they can bring out the best in themselves. For example if people give up during a class, I’m always looking for ways to be positive and to find something they can do. You have flexibility moves and strength moves. Some strength moves are hard and some people can’t do it, but once they try a flexibility move then they can do it. I think listening to people and being empathetic as a teacher is really important.

Up in The Air

My classes are a soulful, feminine way of moving through storytelling. We breathe through every move and let breath lead the movement. At Rasalila I teach Pole classes and Aerial classes. Aerial Hammock Play is about being playful. It will help you get strong and lean because the fabric helps to create space between your joints and also massages you throughout the class. Aerial yoga is essentially yoga using fabric. You hold the poses a bit longer and you get support from the fabric which makes it accessible for everyone. Aerial dance is really dancing with the fabric. It’s elegant and soulful. It’s amazing how you learn to work with the fabric and use all of your body. I once read, ‘don’t use your body to get into the pose but use the pose to get into your body.’ You can’t trick the fabric but you can use it.

Girl Power

There are a lot of women that come here and very often, they don’t get supported by their men at home. So it’s really important that we emphasis that it’s good to make time for ourselves as women. If you are happy, it makes the people in your life happy. For example, pole dancing is still a taboo in some places and isn’t widely accepted. It’s a challenging sport but women gain a lot of self-confidence by doing it and that is the most important thing at Rasalila. When we use the poles and fabrics the first thing we do is try to get out of our heads, there isn’t room for us there anyway – so we get into our bodies.

Learn an Aerial Flow with Alina…

Alina teaches Pole Flow Beginners, Intermediate and open levels at Rasalila in Amsterdam. She also teaches Aerial Hammock Play (easy flow & level up), Aerial Yoga and Aerial Dance. Even if you’re a complete beginner, book a class and experience a new challenging workout that will make you feel like an acrobatic goddess.

Written by Laura Court-Jones

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Marissa test: Booiaka bij Dans Dansen

27 October, 2016 • Tags: , , ,

Ooit van Booiaka gehoord? Nee? Ik ook niet. In het kader van ‘alles proberen’ vond ik dan ook dat  het tijd werd voor een bezoekje aan Dans Dansen. En met succes; deze locatie voeg ik met alle plezier toe aan mijn wekelijkse sportrepertoire en benoem ik tot een van de leukste dans- en sport studio’s van Amsterdam!


Hoewel het rooster vol staat met lessen als Afrodans, Moderne Dans en Hiphop, ging ik op de vroege vrijdagochtend voor Booiaka. Geen idee waar de klemtoon ligt van dat woord, maar klonk wel fijn in de oren. En dat was het ook.

Met mijn enkelblessure ben ik nog een beetje gelimiteerd op het gebied van wilde bewegingen, maar deze was prima toegankelijk. Booiaka is een dansles die hiphop en Afrikaanse dans combineert en waar in één uur toe wordt gewerkt naar een choreografie. Dit door middel van veel herhaling, cardio oefeningen tussendoor en bovenal veel plezier maken.

De moeilijkheidsgraad ligt laag, dus met een beetje ritmegevoel kan iedereen mee doen. Mocht je alsnog troubels ervaren, dan trekt de fijne docent Bianca je wel mee met haar enthousiasme. Bij haar in de buurt staan is al een pretje, wat een energie!


Speciaal voor vrouwen en kinderen staat elke les bij Dans Dansen in het teken van plezier; met kwalitatieve danslessen en goede begeleiding krijgen ze iedereen aan het bewegen. En dat is mooi, want dat maakt je vrolijk en energiek waardoor je goed in je vel zit! Daarnaast werk je aan je conditie, spierkracht en lenigheid in een gezellige en ongedwongen sfeer. Ideáál. Ben je op zoek naar een leuke les? Dan raad ik je deze aan! Gaan jullie volgende week met me mee?

Marissa (22) test onze groeplessen en schrijft erop los. Als fitgirl werkt ze als personal trainer en dansdocente, maar vindt ze het ook fijn om yoga te beoefenen of andere uitdagende lesjes te volgen. Ze studeert culturele antropologie & psychologie, heeft haar eigen stichting Diabetes on the Run en haar eigen healthroom: EGGPRESS! Volg haar op Instagram of www.marissaklouwer.com.

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The Art of Pilates

1 July, 2015 • Tags: , , , ,

Pilates Amsterdam Dance Centre OneFitMet OneFit kun je in Amsterdam bij tientallen gyms en studio’s terecht voor Pilates. Sophie koos in plaats van een sportschool of yogastudio nu eens voor Amsterdam Dance Centre voor een lesje pilates. Dit is haar ‘experience’. 
Lees verder

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