Play your own championship and win, always

5 July, 2018 • Tags: ,

Now that Holland didn’t make it to this soccer World Championship, we have to come up with other reasons to end up in the pub on a weekday. Luckily, the A-class weather works in our favour, but we can come up with another reason: you being the champion of your own competition. And… there ís life after soccer without the Netherlands in the main role. We bet there are tons of World Championships that will surprise you.

What about the WC of rope pulling, road racing, beach volley or debating? Join these World Championship sports with your membership and treat yourself with a huge cup (of beer or coffee). Swimming Put a pair of shiny glasses on and go. Let the water and time challenge you. You don’t have to reach the other side gracefully as a dolphin. You really are a winner just by making it out of the water without plummeted ears.



Who is going to take you seriously in your Spandex outfit? Right, not one person in the universe, and that’s a good thing. Cycle like nobody’s watching. With your membership, you’ll brave every bend in and all you need to do is jump the spinning bicycle. Do you live in Amsterdam? Then go for the real adventure: Rapha Cycling organises a postcard-proof trip on Sundays.


Go to the gym and reach the finales of the WC Powerlifting. Lifting on your own is way better for your mood then competing against others. Make sure you’ve got the buddy on standby to celebrate your accomplishment. Boxing Jab, right elbow, knee; a boxing bag won’t mind if you go all out with every combo you ever learned (or saw in movies). And the best thing: it won’t hurt your hair (or mascara, girls).


Compete against your friend in a session of good ol’ squash. You’re sure to sweat like an athlete.

Not into these sports? You can also play soccer with your membership. Go to KICKS or FC Urban.

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