Workout tip: calisthenics at Sky Health in The Hague

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The sky is the limit. Well, Sky Health makes that very clear. It’s not just one of those locations where you’d love to stay all day (hello fancy look & feel), but the workouts here are awesome. Especially calisthenics. Eh.. what? Exactly. We’ll tell you all about it.

Calisthenics Sky Health

A playground for grown-ups

Calisthenics is derived from the Greek language; ‘Kalos’ stands for beautiful and ‘Sthénos’ means strength. This sport (which is over thousands of years old – yes, really) is all about mastering your weight in every angle and pose. The movements are based on balance, flexibility and strength. So, what is it that you do exactly? Think of a playground for adults, while using the equipment in the gym. You’ll swing and climb, as well as doing pull-ups, muscle-ups and the hand stand. Still got no idea what we’re talking about? Take a look at this video of Dutch world champion Melanie Driessen.

Challenge yourself

Definitely a workout where your limits will be pushed. Both physically and mentally. Are you now thinking: no f*cking way I can do this? No worries, there are different options for each level. And of course you’ll get help from the experienced Sky Health trainers. And don’t forget: practice makes perfect.

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Workout tip: calisthenics bij Sky Health in Den Haag

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The sky is the limit. Nou, dat is wel duidelijk bij Sky Health. Het is niet alleen zo’n locatie waar je graag de hele dag blijft hangen (hallo hippe huiskamersetting), ook de workouts hier zijn te gek. En dan met name calisthenics. Eh.. wat? Precies, we leggen het even voor je uit.

Calisthenics Sky Health

Speeltuin voor volwassenen

Calisthenics is afgeleid van het Grieks. ‘Kalos’ staat voor mooi en ‘Sthénos’ betekent kracht. Deze sport (die overigens al duizenden jaren oud is – ja echt) gaat helemaal over het beheersen van je gewicht in elke hoek of positie. De bewegingen die je maakt zijn gebaseerd op balans, flexibiliteit en kracht. En wat doe je dan precies? Denk: een soort speeltuin voor volwassenen, waarbij je de toestellen in de ruimte gebruikt. Zwaaien en klimmen, maar ook pull-ups, muscle-ups en de handstand. Heb je nog steeds geen idee? Kijk dan even naar deze video van Nederlands wereldkampioen Melanie Driessen.

Daag jezelf uit

Kortom, een workout waarbij je je grenzen verlegt; zowel fysiek als mentaal. Denk je nu: no f*cking way dat ik dit kan? No worries, er zijn verschillende opties voor elk niveau. Daarnaast word je natuurlijk begeleid door de ervaren trainers van Sky Health. En vergeet niet: practice makes perfect.

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You Don’t Want to Miss These Underdog Workouts

Are the stereotypes about some kinds of sports holding you back from trying them to begin with? You know; yoga is just for those people who are flexible enough to fold their legs around their neck, the trampoline is just for kids and aqua jogging is for grannies. Let all the prejudice go, because there are so many workouts you would never try on first sight, but if only you just did them anyway, you’d be proven very, very wrong. At OneFit you can find super fun sports you’d never think of in the first place, but they will leave you with a big smile on that pretty face for sure. Don’t believe us? Well, the only advice is to just try. Find out our tips below.

Underdog workouts

Hula hooping @ Juul’s Hoop Vibes in Rotterdam

It looks so bloody easy, you’d almost forget a round of hula hooping trains your whole body. You can join ‘hoopdance’ classes with Juliette from Juul’s Hoop Vibes which are the ultimate form of fun. Not just for kids, but also for the kid in you.

Aquabootcamp @ Zwembad Safari in Utrecht

Moving around in the water is no longer exclusive to the elderly. During a class of Aquabootcamp at Zwembad Safari you will shine your ass off in shallow water by showing everyone the very best of your kicking techniques (ok, you’ll also be doing your usual strength and cardio exercises). Without any injuries, that is, because the water is like super sweet for your body.

Zelfliefde in actie @ De Bewustzijn School in Amsterdam

Admit it; you’re forgetting that your mind needs attention too once in a while. And you might think it is a bit too spiritual for you. Get proven wrong and catch up on mental health at De Bewustzijn School during the workshop Zelfliefde in Actie.

Monkey Business @ Ravez Movement Academy

During Monkey Business at Ravez Movement Academy you’ll be doing everything you can remember from the playground back in the days. And that’s for a reason, because the movements you did back then, are the ones most true to your own nature. It’s all about connecting with that inner monkey of yours and starting to climb, jump, crawl, balance and hang again.

Calisthenics @ Calisthenics Amsterdam

It’s just kids hanging around at the playground, you say? Wrong! You’ll know better once you do a class of calisthenics at Calisthenics Amsterdam. It is again proven that you don’t really need anything to get fit, except for yourself, the outdoors and een good old playground. Cardio, strength and balance calisthenics is all in one.

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When The Going Gets Tough: The Tough Do Hardcore Workouts

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‘This will toughen me up’ you tell yourself whilst murmuring into your leg shield during the toughest workout of your life. And then before you know it you have to attack each other, and you can’t help but think to yourself ‘why didn’t I just sign up for that sleeping yoga class again..?’

The truth is hardcore sports have more benefits than just getting you in shape. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has always been a means for self-development first and self-defense second. China’s Shoalin monks practiced kung-fu as a physical expression but also to gain more focus and to stay in the present moment. Because there is nothing like the threat of a boxing glove in your face…

So next time, don’t let these workouts scare you off. Give it a go and you will soon notice mental and physical changes. Where should you start? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with these four activities.


When you combine all the traditional martial arts in the world, MMA is what you get – a fusion of the best in one style. This is probably one of the most effective movement strategies you could ever imagine, not forgetting Braxilian jiu jitsu, kung fu, grappling and boxing are also part of the family. All these sports promote confidence and make you stay in the moment – lose focus and you’ll be your opponents dinner. You also learn to combat men and women, teaching you to stand up for yourself as well as improving your reaction time.


These workouts typically involve short, intense bursts of exercise designed to make you strong. Crossfit will make daily life easier – from carrying heavy groceries or even chasing your dog up a hill. CrossFit turns every physical challenge you come across into a piece of cake. During a session you will learn how to squat/stretch/push-up correctly and burn some calories. And girls you don’t have to worry about bulging shoulder muscles, weights are only used with specific exercises.


Krav Maga might not have specific rules, but you won’t be fighting against an enemy during this workout. Krav Maga uses a mix of martial arts techniques and focuses on instinctive movements and realistic training scenarios. You’ll learn what the most vulnerable areas to attack are, and how you can defend yourself, (which is quite useful if you are trying to get that last piece of pie at a buffet). All that elbowing makes for a highly effective workout, and hey you’ll learn a new skill as well.


Cali-ste-whut? All you have to remember about this sport is that you don’t need weights. And yet, it will make you buff af. What’s the secret? Using your body-weight, even the US army do it! This sport is also ideal for women, since science suggests women can perform at a higher intensity and won’t get as tired as men. So with calisthenics, you can jack up those reps without lifting more each week. Oh, and the best part: you can do calisthenics anywhere. Fancy a go on those monkey bars in the park? Go for it.

November 16 is ‘International Men’s Day’, so release your inner soldier, warrior or mountaineer this month during these workouts:


BJJ, boxing, MMA & more at Vos Gym

Krav Maga at Krav Maga HSW

Tang Soo Doo at Yung Hap

CrossFit at Reebok020

Calisthenics at Calisthenics Amsterdam


Muay Thai & Boxing at Oosterbaan Gym

MMA & Boxing at Watson Sports

Calisthenics at De Bunk’r

Krav Maga at Krav Maga HSW

Den Haag

Krav Maga at Krav Maga HSW

Self-defence, Boxing and Krav Maga at Grea Krav Maga

Kung fu yoga en kickboking at Vechtsportschool Den Haag


Krav Maga at Krav Maga HSW

Boxing at Fightingclub Van Dams

BJJ, grappling and 10th planet jiu jitsu at Elevation Sports


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