Workout tip: African and Brazilian dance at Elladans in Utrecht

11 October, 2018 • Tags: , , , ,

Dare to let yourself flow on completely different music than you’re used to. OneFit tip? African and Brazilian dance at Elladans. A legitimate reason to make your whole body swing.

dance Elladans

Out of your comfort zone

From flowing Brazilian samba movements to powerful and funky African dance energy, that’s what you can expect during this workout. You’ll work on coordination, fitness, body posture and technique. And while you’ll stay close to tradition, you’ll also be inspired by modern influences. An energetic workout full of rhythm, swing and fun.

Swinging sounds & funky beats

Fun fact: owner Noëlla has followed international dance internships in both Brazil and West Africa. According to her, during African and Brazilian dancing you can discover the freedom of your movement. “We’ll have a lot of fun on swinging sounds and funky beats!”

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