Reboost your running motivation with these 6 workouts

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Let’s be honest, we’re not all born running junkies. That means sometimes you just have to work a little harder to stay on top of your game and yes, that’s gonna cost you some willpower. To make things – or life as you will – make a little more easy to you, we checked how and where to make running more fun. You’ll find some matching OneFit workouts below, so keep on reading for some newfound running motivation.


Goaldigging @ Runnergy in Amsterdam

A nice entourage like Vondelpark works wonders, but a powerful class and a cool teacher can do even more for your running motivation. Did you reach a point where it seems you can no longer improve your running performances? Well, Runnergy will help you on to your next goal – think 5, 10, 15 or 21K or just making a bunch of new friends, that’s allowed too – by putting a dose of extra energy in your technique and stamina.

Harbour Run in Rotterdam

Not a OneFit workout, but really, really fun though. We’re talking Harbour Run Rotterdam, which is a 10K obstacle run. If you’re feeling a bit low in the energy area, that’s not a prob, since there’s also a 6K shortcut. Easy peasy, right? Let us know if you feel like meeting other OneFitters during the run.

Obstacle Running @ BOK (Bootcamp Obstacle Klub) in Den Haag

Something as simple as a nice instructor can be essential to (re)find your motivation to work out. So, that means two fat birds with one stone at BOK (Bootcamp Obstacle Klub), since you can do awesome classes there to change up your regular running routine. And don’t we all know that variety is the spice of life?

Smoothly sliding into your 5K @ Yoga4Running in Den Haag

Yes, ladies and gents, that’s what we call versatile. But also a little confusing, because what does yoga exactly have to do with running again? Actually a lot. Especially if you’re going for a Yoga4Running class. Its exercises are specialized in gaining flexibility and some more strength, both things you could probably use during your run. The benefits? A lot less injuries and a whole lot more fun!

Visit Mother Nature @ HealthClub OpenAir in Utrecht

If there’s one thing that will benefit your running motivation, then it must be that invincible, beasty feeling you get from working out in the wild open. Try a runtraining at HealthClub OpenAir and we’ll promise you, you’ll never want anything else.

Defy the treadmill

Running on a treadmill might not seem super attractive, but why not stay inside for once? Ok, you’re right, there’s a little less diversion and a lot less fresh air, but there actually are benefits to working out on a treadmill. Think: less injuries, never get soaking wet from the rain again and burning more calories (due to highly effective interval training opportunities). This is where you could work the treadmill in your city:

AmsterdamGustav Gym Zuidas or Centrum / Sports World Amsterdam

RotterdamSnap Fitness / 010GYM

Den HaagTrainmore / International Health Spa

UtrechtNewstyle / De Workout Club


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