OneFit Competition: WIN ACTIE personal training met Chris Hettinga

10 February, 2017 • Tags: , ,

YES, 10.000 likes op Facebook, reden voor een feestje!

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NL: 10.000 likes op Facebook! Om dit te vieren geven we een maand sporten met OneFit weg én een personal training sessie met niemand minder dan… Chris Hettinga! Misschien heb je hem al herkend, ons OneFit model en personal trainer van Het Gymlokaal. De personal training vindt daarom plaats in Het Gymlokaal, gelegen in Amsterdam West. De winnaar wordt bekend gemaakt op vrijdag 17 februari om 12.00. Spannend!

EN: 10,000 likes! To celebrate and say thanks we are giving away a free month of your OneFit membership AND a free personal training session with Chris Hettinga, our OneFit model and personal trainer at Het Gymlokaal – maybe you recognize him?! The personal training will be at Het Gymlokaal, a great location in Amsterdam West. The winner will be announced at 12 pm on the 17th of February. Exciting!

Good Luck OneFitters!

Terms and Conditions

– To participate in this contest you must like the post and comment explaining what you love about OneFit.
– All participants must like and comment between (10/02/2017) up to (10.00 – 17/02/2017)
– The selection process for the winner will consist of all participants names being written down, put in a box and chosen at random.
– Whoever wins will receive one free personal training session with Chris Hettinga on an agreed date with OneFit and Het Gymlokaal.
– The winner will receive one free month of their membership.
– The winner can only participate in a personal training session with Chris at Het Gymlokaal.
– The winner will be contacted by Facebook Messenger on the 17th of February.
– The winner must agree to be photographed and filmed for social media during their personal training session.

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