How to bring more sleep into your routine

15 March, 2018 • Tags: ,

OneFit tips voor meer slaap en energie

More than seven hours of sleep sounds like a dream. But really, who has time to even daydream, let alone get a luxuriously long night rest. Luckily there are many ways to quickly recharge yourself, and they don’t include illegal naps in the office’s storage room. Or booking a sleep hotel in Tokyo. These snoozy snacks boost your energy more than a box of energy bars.

Yoga Nidra

Also known as sleep yoga. A yoga nidra class often starts with a sequence of somewhat passive asanas, borrowed from hatha. Then, it’s time to slide in your comfy woolen socks and lay down in savasana. A guided meditation transports you to a tranquil haven, allowing you to let go of your body. Nidra pros say a session (usually 75-90 minutes) equals four hours of sleep.


Research states it pretty clear: acupuncture can aid with sleep-related issues. While you lay down, an acupuncturist very precisely places needles in your skin (it doesn’t hurt, no worry). Triggering these points helps directing and harmonising the energy in the corresponding meridians (energy pathways). After a session you tend you feel totally revamped.


If you ever experienced a massage, you know two things do not go well together: a massage and staying awake. Well, most of the time you do tend to stay awake, out of fear to s&d (snore and drool). But anyway, a good old knot session will surely leave you fully energised.


After a day of relaxing in the spa, stepping into the real, cold, busy world can feel quite strange. Did you just skip a week? Yes, the spa truly is the perfect spot to unwind and recharge. Odds are you’ll sleep like a baby afterward.

Floating tank

Just like the Red Sea, a floating tank makes you feel completely weightless. A tank is actually often just a lavish bath, and sometimes a cocoon that pretty much resembles a tanning bank. The tank is brimming with salt and water, and you can switch off the lights and music if you want. A one-hour session equals five hours of sleep, floating tank fans say.


Meditators often experience states of rest and balance, and researchers can even tell this by analysing their brain waves. Meditating brings you in a unique state: relaxed but fully aware. There are countless types of meditation; from chakra to reiki meditation. Almost all own the beneficial trait to load your energy reserves massively. You might as well skip those disco naps in the future.

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