How to avoid the common cold and jack up your immune system

15 November, 2017

Oh god. You’re friend just sneezed all over your lunch. There goes the avocado toast you were looking forward to all day, thanks a lot. The days are shorter and the nights are colder and the last thing you need is to get sick, right? Here are a few strategies to fight the flu and protect your immune system (and your lunch).

Put on your headphones and zone out

Listening to the right music sends shivers down your spine and, according to research, could boost your immune system. Why not try karaoke? Sing your heart out to Madonna and clear your lungs or find a yoga studio lounge and snuggle up with Spotify. If the facts are right, then music is a pretty effective method of prevention.

Eat what your mum tells you

Mum knows best, even science agrees that drinking water jacks up your immune system. Got dry lips? Then you know it’s time to hydrate. Make your mum’s famous soup and use fresh goodies packed with mild anti-inflammatory properties like garlic, ginger and coconut oil. Also try adding beets, green tea and miso to your diet and combat those germs. A lot of gyms have a freakin’ good kitchen, so hang around after your workout and have a healthy shake or soup as a perfect post-workout meal.

Laugh out loud with your friends

Emotions seriously impact your health. Anger and grief lower your mood, while laughter does the complete opposite. A good laugh increases infection-fighting antibodies. Laughter also increases circulation, stimulates digestion, lowers blood pressure and reduces muscle tension. So search for a class that will give you the giggles and invite your workout buddy along.

Move your body (but not too much)

Regular, moderate exercise is the fuel for your body’s self-defence system. It strengthens your cardiovascular health, reduces stress and makes you less cranky. So why not book a yoga flow or go for a run. That being said, too much exercise increases the chances of infection. So don’t go overboard.

Chill the hell out

Drop your worries. Meditating actually lowers the chance of catching the flu, common cold and other infections. Practicing yoga and chanting can also prevent stress hormones to rise (if you have no idea what the teacher is saying, play it safe with OMM). If you’re not feeling yoga, try pampering your body with a trip to your local spa or wellness – it’s perfect place for some ‘me time’.

Need some inspiration? Boost your immune system with these fun activities:


Whole Body Cyro at N-Ice

Candle Light Flow at Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan

Hot Yin Yoga and Spa entry at Spa Zuiver

Ice Skating at Jaap Eden Ijsbaan


Fitness and Wellness at Wellness Club Rotterdam

Lane Swimming at Van Maanenbad

Ouderwets Gymnen at ApenkooiGym Rotterdam

Padel at Padelclub Victoria

Den Haag

Spa entry at Kurhaus Spa

Ice Skating at de Uithof

Yin Yoga at Balanz Veenkade


Ouderwets Gymmen at ApenkooiGym

Bootcamp at Buitengewoon Fit

Healing Hatha at Yoga Moves Oost

Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga Utrecht

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