How to find your perfect gym

28 November, 2017 • Tags: , , , ,

Stepping into a new gym for the first time (or second time) can be bit awkward. Were you supposed to bring a lock? Where’s the stepper? Am I lifting this right? We’ve all been there, no matter how much of an experienced gymmer you may be, it takes a fair amount of trial and error before you find the perfect gym. Luckily, you can easily find your fave. Here are our top tips to help you choose!

Determine your goal

Does working out mean kettlebell-routines for you? Do you want to become a bodybuilder or are you a cardio bunny? It helps if you know exactly what equipment you need for your workout. If not, you might end up leaving early and frustrated if a gym doesn’t have the machines you need to get pumped. If you’re not sure, scroll through the venue photos to get a good impression of a gym and what it has to offer.

Fancy or efficient

Be honest with yourself about the level of comfort you value. Is the gym your hang out place for social workouts or a relaxation paradise? Or maybe you just want a functional gym with no fuss. Some gyms provide basic facilities but if you can’t bare the treadmill without Netflix, then take time to find somewhere that ticks all your boxes. Admittedly, nosing through venue reviews is a good place to start!

Group workouts vs alone time

Some gyms only offer group lessons while others only offer undisturbed gym time. Be aware of your workout needs, but don’t be afraid to let your curiosity run wild. Even if you love your silent treadmill sessions, switching it up for some group activities could help you find motivation and make some new buddies!

With ‘dem boys or the girls

Rather train with women than men? A handful of gyms offer classes that are designed for women only. This is great for those power hungry activities like bootcamp and boxing, so you don’t ever feel like you’re falling behind. So if you ever feel uneasy between a bunch of muscley men, there are alternatives. You can easily spot female friendly lessons in the schedule by looking for ‘Ladies Only’’.

Steamy Sauna Sessions

Not every gym has a sauna, and if there is one you might want to check if it’s on when you arrive. Sometimes you have to turn it on yourself, and it could take half an hour to heat up. So, if the sauna is a must for you, find out where you can go during the day, or hit up the spa so you have one less worry. Want to know where the saunas are at? Check ‘facilities’ of the venue in the app.

TIP: Bring everything to avoid any frustration, starting with a water bottle, phone and your headphones. You might even need a cushion for lifting and of course, a protein bar/chocolate almond butter cookie to finish off your workout.

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