Get Back In Shape: Exercising after pregnancy

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Exercising after pregnancy can be challenging. After all, your body has worked harder than normal for the last 9 months, so you might not look and feel exactly the way you want to. However, it is possible to feel body confident again. All you need to do is find the motivation!

exercise with baby

When to start exercising

The right time to start exercising after pregnancy is up to you, whether it’s after 6 days or 6 weeks. Research shows gentle exercise after pregnancy reduces the risk of postpartum depression. So start moving again and feel the benefits!  Although it can take up to 4 to 6 months to get your fitness levels back up, it can be done.

How to exercise

Firstly, you don’t want to push yourself too hard, your body has been through a lot and needs to recover. Focus on regaining your energy by looking after yourself. Your baby has taken a lot from you so eat well – this means no crazy diets! It’s not a good idea to cut your calorie intake especially if you are breast feeding, so focus on gentle exercise for the first 6 weeks and make sure you get the nutrition you need for you and your new-born. Start by walking, and build this up. After 6 weeks you can aim to take 30 minute walks 2-5 times a week. Stroller walking is the new mummy fitness craze, so take your baby and get some fresh air!

Train with your baby

Additionally, you can work on building up your strength. Instead of using normal weights, use your baby! One of the most important areas to work on is your core. This area has been stretched and weakened dramatically during pregnancy, so make a fun workout and tighten up those abdominals. Lie on your back, knees bent and put your baby on top of your legs and hold his hands. Now move your legs slowly in and out, this will really get your core muscles working again. To strengthen your legs; stand with your legs apart, hold your baby in front of you and squat slowly. Watch that baby smile!

What to avoid

There are some types of exercises you should avoid straight after pregnancy. Experts say avoid jogging, running or jumping –  or anything that puts a lot of pressure on your joints. This is because of the hormone ‘relaxin’ that is produced during pregnancy. ‘Relaxin’ loosens up your joints which means they can be easily injured during exercise. This hormone will still be in your blood so be careful not to jump into intense training straight away.

How OneFit can help

There are many suitable classes for recovering mums including a variety of Pilates and Yoga lessons. Both are a great way to build up your flexibility and strength while relaxing and restoring your energy. Remember, if you start slowly and build up your fitness levels, you’ll be a healthier and happier mum for your newborn!

In AmsterdamFlow + Restore (Prenatal and Postnatal)  at Studio 191

In Den HaagYin & Restorative Yoga (Beginners) at Saktiisha The Hague City Centre

In UtrechtYoga Alignment at Yoga Moves

In RotterdamHot Yoga Pilates Sculpt Fusion at Hot Yoga Place


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