Keep rocking your New Year’s resolutions with these five hot fitness trends.

1 February, 2018

Fitness trends are fun to keep track off, but mostly when you are able to experience them as well. Find out what trends we have been able to uncover in the OneFit schedule and which ones you may find soon. The additional variation will help you keeping to your New Year’s resolutions more effortlessly.

We human beings are such creatures of habit! We get it. Keeping to a routine is sooooo comfy! But did you know that, by challenging yourself to try new things, you’ll boost your self esteem? You’ll get to know yourself better? That it will boost creativity?

By regularly giving new workouts and classes a try, you’ll not only train other muscle groups in a variety of ways. you’ll give your brain a workout too by forcing it to acquire new skills every time. When did you last join a newly scheduled workout? Find inspiration in these 2018 fitness trends and
keep rocking those New Year’s resolutions.

1. Yoga in the RE/MIX

After the goat yoga craze, we have noticed that several yoga studios found the courage to introduce surprising yoga spinoffs.

Hidden Gym in The Hague brought Beer Yoga to The Netherlands. The vision behind Beer Yoga is that having a beer during your yoga class elevates consciousness and happiness.

Have you been dreaming about releasing your inner acrobat? Aerial yoga may totally be your thing! Using a silk-like hammock, you’ll be able to perform those gravity-defying tricks like handstands and backflips you have not dared to think about ever since childhood. Aerial yoga brings you deeper relaxation, enhanced flexibility and strengthened muscles. Sign up for aerial yoga at Tula Yoga Bos en Lommer, Villa Yoga in Rotterdam and Kompassie Yoga in Rotterdam.

Can’t choose between the sweat inducing and fat burning properties of a HIIT training and the deeply relaxing stretches of yoga? You no longer have to! Yogafest in Amsterdam has brought HIIT Yoga to The Netherlands.

2. Small Group Coaching

Not everyone is able to afford working with a personal trainer. Of is willing to invest that much in health and wellness. On the other side of the spectrum, just the act of paying for a gym membership is not getting you any healthier, and you may not succeed for the lack of accountability. After all, it’s so easy to just head home after work. And getting out of the door after dinner? Virtually impossible. When you train in a small group setting, however. you get to know each other quicker and more easily. You’ll be able to encourage each other. Also, the additional attention of a trainer, when compared to larger classes, helps you to get results faster. Small group training has been moving to the top slowly but steadily over the past years. It’s here to stay. According to the pros.

3. Low intensity interval training

When HIIT got hot, many influencers expressed their concern. HIIT allows you to go all in and book results fast. But if you have just decided to end your potato couch lifestyle, lifting 10k kettlebells or planking for 3 minutes straight may not be the smartest thing to do to your body. You’ll basically be begging for injuries.
In a case like that LIIT may be the way to go. LIIT promises the same results in terms of fat burning, but at a slower pace. That way there’s more time to focus on mastering the techniques the right way. Trainings take a bit longer but lower your risk to get injured substantially. And as soon as you have built up confidence with most of the drills, you’re totally ready for HIIT. We have not spotted LIIT on the OneFit schedule yet, but rest assured: we’re working on it. Stay tuned….

Smarter recovery with infrared sauna and cryo technology

Where super intensive workouts like HIIT and CrossFit challenge you to give it all, recharging is at least as important. Give your body time to recover. Now if we could help our poor bodies to do just that….
The idea behind CryoTherapy is that, by “freezing your body” for just a few minutes, your blood vessels narrow down and that helps your muscles to recover. Additionally, it boosts both your metabolism and your mood, enhances your sleep and helps restore inflammation.
Currenty, cryo technology is only offered at N-Ice in Amsterdam.

Just like cold, heat enhances relaxation. Many health clubs offer saunas and steam baths. Research shows that infrared saunas are best for muscle recovery. Spa Zuiver and Vitality SPA & Fitness in Amsterdam, as well as Kurhaus Spa and International Health Spa in The Hague have infrared saunas for sure.

Wearable technology

When it comes to accomplishing your goals, needless to say that accountability is key. And those colorful wristbands that exactly keep track of the amount of calories you burnt and the places you have been. turned out to be really helpful. And if you faithfully log your food and drink intake, you’ll get a complete picture of your health.

Health clubs have started using wearable technology to help you get the MAX out of your workout. At Stride 6ft8’ in Rotterdam you get to wear a heart rate monitor so you’ll be able to monitor your heartbeat in a designated block on the group class screen. F45 The Bridge in The Hague sells their custom designed F45 LionHeart Heart Rate Monitor, that will not just report your heart beat rate and the amount of calories used, but rates your workout against a point system they developed. That way you’ll be able to track progress and know if you gave the workout your all.

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