The Best Practices For Good Mental Health

1 February, 2018 • Tags:

Hitting up the gym works wonders for your body. But what you do physically, can also affect your emotional and mental health. Here are the best practices to keep your mental health in check and your head up high.

Train with the gang

Recent research proves that training together is way better for your physical, emotional and mental state, than working out alone. So bring your friends to the gym. And if you like to train solo, sign up for at least one group lesson a week. All those endorphins in one room can only be a good thing.

Learn an art

Working out boosts your serotonin levels, memory and your focus. This goes for almost every type of sport, so you’re brain is always challenged. But some workouts make you extra smart like martial arts. Jiu Jitsu forces you to be on your toes at all times, figuring out your opponent’s body language, and that is a downright challenge for you brain. Jiu Jitsu is often described as ‘kinetic (movement language).’ Learning a language trains your memory, reaction time and other mental skills.

Calm right down

Calmer workouts like yoga and mindfulness stimulate the production of all kinds of good substances. They also allow for new neuron pathways, affecting your mood in various positive ways. Always look for a balance between active and more passive styles.

Work out every other day (or less)

Not working out is also just as important for your mental (and physical state). If you workout a lot you’ll also need more water and vitamins. Working out too much can feel good but can even be counterproductive. Make sure to plan one day in between your workouts for recovery time. It may sound cheesy but listen to your body.

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