6 workouts that create that real winter holiday feeling

Only 14 more nights and the good old Christmas holiday starts! Too bad most of us don’t have that many days left from work to take the full week... That’s why we’ve found you 6 workouts that give ...

OneFit hack #1
18 January

OneFit hack #1 – Filter your workout

Of course we want you to get the most out of your OneFit membership. That’s why from now on we ...
aqua kickboxing body workout - recreatiecentrum oostervant
18 January

Workout tip: aqua kickboxing body workout at Recreatiecentrum Oostervant in Rotterdam

We’ve noticed y’all OneFitters in Rotterdam are just loving those water sports. That’s why we ...


Workout tip: calisthenics at Sky Health in The Hague

The sky is the limit. Well, Sky Health makes that very clear. It’s not just ...

Weekend workout tip: bag workout at The Trainers in Amsterdam

The underground experience At Underground you’ll feel completely isolated ...

Workout tip: zumba at La Bodeguita in The Hague

It’s a party every day at La Bodeguita. That’s not a surprise since it’s such ...

Underground - train stations
18 January

Workout tip: train stations at Underground in Amsterdam

You know what we mean by that raw, sporty vibe from Brooklyn, New York? Well, at Underground ...
sweat and joy
17 January

Escape New Year’s resolutions with these workouts

With these workouts, you can escape from your friends and co-workers and their resolutions ...
Meditation PopUp Generator Oost
09 January

Workout tip: mindfulness meditation at Meditation PopUp Generator Oost

Meditating in your sweatpants, yoga outfit or suit? On a chair, cushion or (for the die-hards) ...