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Zzz.. Sleep Like A Baby After These Workouts

Scientists agree that exercising regularly promotes sleep quality. If you don’t move a lot, your sleeping cycles might not be deep enough to provide you with the energy you need during the daytime.

22 March

Everything you want to know about Barre

The Barre workout is booming! Models have been loving Barre for years because of getting a slim ...
Sports Fit Lab - wake up HIT
21 March

Workout tip: wake up HIT at Sports Fit Lab in Rotterdam

Waking up was never this much fun. At Sports Fit Lab they’ve got a HIT workout that makes you ...


Why dancing is about the best thing you can do for your body

Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 is just around the corner, so that means a lot of ...

Workout tip: zumba at La Bodeguita in The Hague

It’s a party every day at La Bodeguita. That’s not a surprise since it’s such ...

How Studio 191 has built its name with OneFit

With 6000 to 7000 check-ins a month, Studio 191 is one of the most popular ...

Salsa te Gusta - intro to salsa
21 March

Workout tip: intro to salsa at Salsa te Gusta in Amsterdam

You ask, we’ll fix it. That is why you can now join real salsa classes at Salsa in Gusta. This ...
OneFit app hack 5
14 March

OneFit hack #5 – Review your workout

Workout reviews; they’re not just great feedback for locations, but very convenient for your ...
Evites Ballet & Dance Studios - NEO ballet barre
13 March

Workout tip: NEO ballet barre at Evites in Rotterdam

Five different workouts combined in one? Damn right that’s possible! Just join the NEO ballet ...