OneFit Teachers: Nicole Cole – “When I dance I can be myself”

Nicole Cole is a student turned full time dancer. Since being discovered on Instagram, she has worked with artists such as Broederliefde, Hardwell, Yellow Claw. She has also danced at Milkshake Festival and Urban Music Festival. But that’s not all, she is also a dedicated dance teacher who is known for her feisty, fun classes – Dancehall and Twerk. Get to know all about her below!

Nicole Cole dancehall

A Gymnast at heart

My name is Nicole, I was born in Poland and I’ve now been in The Netherlands since 2011. I started doing gymnastics when I was five, but at the age of 12 I broke my wrist. I tore my inside ligaments and this injury was difficult to recover from , so focused on dance. I did Modern and Ballet but I always liked feminine styles the best. That’s why when I discovered Dancehall and Twerking, I just focused on that. My favourite style uses a lot of flow work and is sensual, sexy dancing with heels. I just love this power of sex appeal and when I dance I can be myself – this kind of sexy animal!

Instagram star

I work very closely with an entertainment agency ‘April  M Jordan Entertainment’ who discovered me on Instagram. It changed my life, because two years ago I was planning to finish my studies and I always pushed dancing away because not many dancers make it. You can be a great dancer and a beautiful girl but if you don’t meet certain people and the right time you just will not make it. The things that are happening in my life right now are way more than I ever dreamed of. I’ve danced in music videos, at festivals and I also give bookings for pole dancing. I didn’t choose to be a full time dancer, it chose me somehow.

Femininity is a weapon

With dancing, I just love this transition of women from being shy, insecure to confident and strong. When ladies follow my classes, they start to feel more confident in their body. Not only do they become more sexy, but they get more body conscious and body confident; and when you feel more confident you can present yourself better in everyday life. I think that being a women and being feminine is a weapon that you can use. It doesn’t mean every girl should just only think about being sexy and pretty but I believe that if you have the brains, the looks and the charm you should use all of them. Being confident, sexy and smart is the complete package and you should use whatever works to help you in life.

A sexy, intense workout

Deep in my heart I’m a gymnast, it pushes the body to limits and shows the beauty of the human body, so I like to keep my classes intense. I hope my Dancehall and Twerk classes are unique and something you cannot find anywhere else. You get the same workout that you would do at the gym but in a fun and sexy way.  I think many girls can feel intimidated by this, but I’ve also had many ladies come up to me after class saying they actually really liked it because they would never dare to be really feminine in the normal world. It makes them feel a way they’ve never felt before. Plus, there is always someone for the first time. So I don’t mind if you come to my class and half way through you realise it’s totally not for you and sit down. Just come and see for yourself because it’s always a great atmosphere with a great group of ladies and you have nothing to be afraid of.

Learn some smooth moves in Dancehall…

You can learn some sexy routines with Nicole Cole at Chasse Dance Studios and Pole Dance Factory. Lessons vary each week, with different kinds of styles and movements. Reserve a class in Dancehall or Twerk and let your feminine energy flow!

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OneFit Teachers: Natasha Martin – “Studio 191 is a dream come true”

12 December, 2017 • Tags: , , , , ,

Natasha Martin is a yogi, entrepreneur and creative spirit who had a vision to create a community where people could come together to support each other, have a good time and workout all at the same time. After years of teaching yoga in her living room, she finally found a more permanent place where she could create the studio she had dreamed of – Studio 191. Natasha chatted to us about her glamorous studio, why she’s all about the people and even let us in on the secrets behind its growing popularity.

Natasha Martin

Living room yoga

I have a background in Branding, Marketing and PR – I’m pretty creative. I’ve been practicing yoga since I was really young, so I’ve grown up with yoga in the same way that many Dutch have grown up with bikes! For me it’s a natural way of life. In terms of the studio and teaching, I moved to Amsterdam and quickly began teaching in my own studio. I got really lucky because I had people who believed in me and helped me, so after 3 years in my living room moving my furniture around to make space for extra yoga mats, I finally had a studio. Studio 191 has been open for a year and a half now and we are about to become a team of 40 people. We have amazing teachers and also volunteer hosts who are part of our karma exchange program.

Movement as a facilitator

You know the busier we all get the more we need to help people have a good time, to connect, have friends and workout all at the same time. Movement is a facilitator for community, for socialising and for building confidence. It’s also about health and wellness – but it’s not just that. There’s a big misconception that movement is just about getting physically fit and being healthy but it’s also about mental and emotional health. It’s about being able to understand yourself {and others} better. It’s a very yogic idea but I would reaffirm that your body is indeed a vehicle to your mind and your soul. For me personally, it’s definitely not just about the movement, the play on the word ‘movement’ is actually a huge part of why I’m passionate and why I’m doing this. It’s not to get people in the best shape of their life, it’s to start with that and then try to inspire people to go even further.

A real community

Starting a business in your living room teaches you a lot about community because I wasn’t allowed to put promotional signage outside or on my window, so I literally had to build my classes from word of mouth. I did a lot of community events and got involved with the local homeless shelter. So I’ve tried to keep the great things about being a small studio – the friendliness, the warmth, the authenticity. We do all kinds of different things to build not just a practice and a studio, but something that extends beyond our four walls. We explore what charities we can work with and what can we do within the local community to keep everything fresh. That’s another thing we do, we don’t want things to get stagnant – we don’t want our bodies to get used to one practice; we want our bodies to feel that their physicality, their creative capacity, can continue to evolve with their practice.

Home for everyone

I think people come to this studio because we genuinely welcome everyone. We value and encourage authenticity. We try to create a place that feels like home, and at home feel safe to move and express yourself without hesitation. I work with amazing teachers and our style is basically an expression of our teachers’ knowledge, passions and creative pursuits. We try to hire real people rather than fill vacancies. Encouraging the people you work with to be creative adds to the community and it adds to the offerings we can give as a studio. So actually the brand of studio 191 is the brand of people that embody it and live within it. We believe in encouraging and nurturing creativity. Simple right? It really is. The teachers and the hosts are what makes our community studio feel like home.

Barre isn’t the only way to burn at Studio 191…

Studio 191 offers a variety of different classes based on movement including Barre, Yoga, HIIT and classes for Pre-Natal and Post Natal women. So if you’re looking for something more than just your regular workout, take a trip to Studio 191 to be a part of a genuine community that likes to have a good time on and off the mat.

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OneFit Teachers: Alina Tuluceanu – “my gift was to be a teacher”

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Meet Alina Tuluceanu a passionate Romanian girl whose dreams lead her to Holland over eleven years ago. Alina was searching for something amazing and found it at Rasalila in Amsterdam, a place where acrobatics, silks and tricks make magic. Read her inspiring journey to loveable teacher and find out more about her unique classes.

A Dreamer

My name is Alina and I’m a teacher at Rasalila. I originally come from Romania, a place where you are expected to get a job, get married, get settled and that’s life. There, I felt that the part of me that wanted to peruse my dreams was gone forever. So I took a bold step came to The Netherlands almost 11 years ago. I set out to find something I enjoyed, I tried out various gyms but I was never pleased since I don’t like training on my own. I joined group classes in the gym, but still it wasn’t for me. Then I found Rasalila. I loved it so much, I started taking all the classes in the schedule, I didn’t know how to do anything but I just wanted to be there. Sometimes I trained almost 25 hours a week.

Hidden Talent

While I was at Rasalila I noticed that I was very interested in analyzing movement. I’ve had many different jobs in the past, but always in the role of a coach. I have a lot of patience with people and I love to see people develop and grow. I believe that you can learn a lot in life but some things you are born. I think my gift was to be a teacher, to share knowledge with others. I took this and completed my training to become a teacher and I’ve now been teaching already for three years.

Passion for People

People are really my passion. I love to analyze behavior and I still want to do something with psychology or anthropology in the future. I want to learn more about how to motivate people so they can bring out the best in themselves. For example if people give up during a class, I’m always looking for ways to be positive and to find something they can do. You have flexibility moves and strength moves. Some strength moves are hard and some people can’t do it, but once they try a flexibility move then they can do it. I think listening to people and being empathetic as a teacher is really important.

Up in The Air

My classes are a soulful, feminine way of moving through storytelling. We breathe through every move and let breath lead the movement. At Rasalila I teach Pole classes and Aerial classes. Aerial Hammock Play is about being playful. It will help you get strong and lean because the fabric helps to create space between your joints and also massages you throughout the class. Aerial yoga is essentially yoga using fabric. You hold the poses a bit longer and you get support from the fabric which makes it accessible for everyone. Aerial dance is really dancing with the fabric. It’s elegant and soulful. It’s amazing how you learn to work with the fabric and use all of your body. I once read, ‘don’t use your body to get into the pose but use the pose to get into your body.’ You can’t trick the fabric but you can use it.

Girl Power

There are a lot of women that come here and very often, they don’t get supported by their men at home. So it’s really important that we emphasis that it’s good to make time for ourselves as women. If you are happy, it makes the people in your life happy. For example, pole dancing is still a taboo in some places and isn’t widely accepted. It’s a challenging sport but women gain a lot of self-confidence by doing it and that is the most important thing at Rasalila. When we use the poles and fabrics the first thing we do is try to get out of our heads, there isn’t room for us there anyway – so we get into our bodies.

Learn an Aerial Flow with Alina…

Alina teaches Pole Flow Beginners, Intermediate and open levels at Rasalila in Amsterdam. She also teaches Aerial Hammock Play (easy flow & level up), Aerial Yoga and Aerial Dance. Even if you’re a complete beginner, book a class and experience a new challenging workout that will make you feel like an acrobatic goddess.

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OneFit Teachers: Gayan van Wijngaarden – “Train like a fighter”

When we asked OneFitters about their favourite teachers Gayan from Sportcentrum Pleizier was named one of the most popular. His fighting spirit and passion for training are what makes him a great and inspiring teacher. Gayan shared his personal journey from young fighter to entrepreneur and reputable trainer.

Gayan van Wijngaarden

Learning from a legend

I started fighting at the age of 16 at Sportcentrum Pleizier and a year later I went to train at Lucian Carbin’s gym –  he’s one of the most famous kickboxing trainers in the world. I had the honour of fighting for his gym and learning everything from him. At the time I also got into the e-commerce business and worked there for 4 years. I started as a project manager and left as an operational manager. I then decided to finish working there and start my own business in professional training and coaching. I earned my degree in fitness coaching and got all the qualifications I could for boxing. I founded my own company Mon Corps which is mainly personal training but I also teach a lot of group classes in boxing and kickboxing at Sportcentrum Pleizier. I taught my first class at 17 and I never looked back.

Train like a fighter

What I love about being a trainer is teaching people a certain mentality and giving them the opportunity to experience the same type of training I had as a fighter. The difference with the training I give is that it’s more customized to each individual, and you don’t need to be a fighter. Therefore, you can still join my class if you have never had any boxing experience. The kickboxing class is how I would train, but mixed with a lot of HIIT training – so it’s a pretty intense. Most people come to me for a combination of personal training, kickboxing and boxing. Honestly, I think I enjoy being a coach more than I ever enjoyed being a fighter.

Sports are honest

There is a difference between fighters and the people that just want to get fit. For me the most important thing is to look at who you have in front of you and capitalise on that and develop a method for your training. Sports are very honest, I can see what I have In front of me, see the real you and what you are capable of and adjust to that. There is not really a specific method that I use but what I try to do is look at every individual even if I have a class of 30 people, because you can’t teach everybody the same way. I give people the same techniques but apply them in different ways so it suits each individual’s way of training.

Everyone has a fighting spirit

I believe the fighting spirit lives in everyone and the most important thing is to teach people about it and then use it in everything in life not just in a fitness class or sports class. I’m all about functional training and I really don’t like anything that doesn’t have a link with real life. So if you have to go through an exercise that is really hard – it’s comparable to times in life that are hard. This develops character in the right way and it gets you fit, not only physically but also mentally. I think with a strong mind you can develop a strong body, the other way around is very hard.

Work hard, relax hard

The key to a healthy lifestyle is balance. You have to train extremely hard but also relax extremely hard. It goes for everything – training, relaxing, food and alcohol or anything else. But I know it’s hard to think about food, training and drinking enough water when you’re busy. Consistency is also key, if you train every week you’ll start to see results but as soon as you take a week off you’ll feel it straight away. For most people it’s hard to find balance in life but it’s important to try. If people are thinking about joining my class I would tell them that it’s going to be hard to keep up for the first time but try not to get frustrated.  I think I’m a very technical teacher so it’s difficult to get the rhythm, the flow of moving and footwork to begin with because it’s a lot of information. But I think its important people feel like they can ask for help from me or the other people in the class and not be scared to ask questions.

If you feel like learning from a true fighter, you can join Gayan for boxing and kickboxing lessons at Sportcentrum Pleizier. Check the schedule, reserve your spot and fight like a pro!

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OneFit Teachers: Nienke van Baal – “I find peace in teaching yoga”

Have you ever felt inspired by your yoga teacher? Well that’s exactly what happened to Nienke van Baal. Nienke is a newly trained yoga teacher who loves the freedom that yoga makes her feel inside and out. Nienke chatted to us about her passion for yoga and views about this ancient method in a modern day world.

Nienke van Baal

As a young girl I did gymnastics and dance, I really loved it and did it for a long time. Later on, I finished two degrees, one in Fashion & Management and one in Advertising, Marketing & Communications. Nowadays, I work for Denim Brand Tenue de Nîmes in Amsterdam. I’ve always felt the love for fashion and I still do, but it’s not my only passion. I discovered that yoga gave me an ultimate happy feeling and that’s why I started to combine my work life with practicing yoga. I followed classes by Marlene Henny and she overwhelmed me with her style and way of teaching. I also joined classes by Fleur van Zonneveld and her style is quite similar. I noticed that they had set up a Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training course together, so I chose to enter it. for Denim Brand Tenue de Nîmes in Amsterdam.

Yoga is freedom

For me yoga means freedom, in my mind and in the way I can move. What I really like about yoga is that you don’t need a lot for it. You only need your mat and some yoga clothes – you don’t need to talk or be with other people and no one is expecting anything from you. I feel free on the mat and I hope that my students feel that as well. Yoga is the best way of moving my body because it increases balance, strength and flexibility. When I teach yoga, there is nothing else I think about – while in my daily life there’s not a moment when I’m not busy with multiple things. Solely when I teach a yoga class I have a clear mind. I find peace in teaching.

yoga pose  yoga pose

A spiritual or physical journey

My way of teaching is gentle yet strong and challenging. I use flowing movements between poses to create nice transitions and to work towards more powerful poses. I think a good yoga teacher creates an experience and takes you on a mindful journey, at least that’s what I try to do. It’s about the sequences that take you from one progression to another. I think you’re a good yoga teacher if your students can feel that. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if a teacher focuses on a physical or spiritual level – that has nothing to do with whether they are a good teacher or not, it’s about the journey they create.

The Modern Yogi

Don’t take the yogi lifestyle too seriously, but enjoy it. Yoga is an old tradition that we are doing in a modern world and we have to adapt to that. Sometimes I see people living by what they’ve found in old philosophical yoga books. While I think it’s good to still hold on to old theories, I think it’s nice to mix it with some modern influences. We have to look at the time we are living in and use yoga as a tool to fit into our lives now.

Yoga is not a competition

Yoga is for everyone, but we all have our personal limits within the body. It’s really important to feel what your body is telling you in each pose. Try to not be competitive – yoga is about becoming aware of your own body and accepting what your body is allowing you to do. My Relax & Restore class at Yagoy is great for beginners to learn the fundamentals of yoga.

Why Vinyasa yoga?

If you feel like joining Nienke van Baal for some flowy Vinyasa Yoga, you can find her at Yagoy and Hot Flow Yoga. She teaches Relax & Restore and Hot Vinyasa Flow classes. Check her classes online or visit her website to find out more.

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OneFit Teachers: Renzo Poblete – “The future of fitness is hybridisation”

If you have followed classes at Splash, Medico Vision, Sports World or PLTS, then you’ll probably recognise this handsome face! Renzo Poblete is an instructor at many OneFit locations in Amsterdam. He’s known for his energetic classes and motivation to make you sweat! Renzo recently took the time to have a chat with us about his journey to fitness instructor and views about living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Renzo Poblete

Peru to Amsterdam

All my life I’ve been enthusiastic about sports. In high school I was a professional swimmer, I swam 5 hours a day. So when I moved here from Peru over 15 years ago, naturally sports were never far away from me. I was actually training at Club Sportive (now Splash) and they saw potential in me. They gave me the opportunity to start studying to become a teacher, I had never taught group lessons before but I thought it was a great opportunity. It all happened so fast, I started working with them full time and then I was working with every other gym in Amsterdam. Plus, I took part in a lot of conventions all over the world and that gave me a lot of opportunities later.

The secret to being fit

I’m still figuring out the secret to being fit! It’s changing constantly, nowadays it’s more about preservation because we are so busy. I used to find that Step Choreo was my favourite class to teach, but now I find Pilates calling me. Now I’m 40, I have to think a lot about how I spend my energy, I can’t be jumping around all the time. I also became vegetarian not that long ago, which has made a difference to my body, I’m less tired. I think that is going to be the future.


Advice for beginners

First of all you have to have a talk with a trainer in the gym. Tell them about your background and if you have any health issues. It’s really important you talk to professionals before you start training so you can maximize your experience and enjoy what the gym is all about. Trainers can match your goals to certain training exercises or classes. If we don’t know anything about you, then there will be a delay before we can actually help. So let a trainer know your goals, it’s the most important thing for beginners.

The future of fitness

My predictions for the future are more high-intensity workouts and less time standing around in the gym. Right now everything is more high intensity minded in group classes but this will probably increase. Hybridisation of things is happening a lot right now. We keep changing, the things that used to work when I started teaching don’t work anymore, so I think there will be more high impact classes, more hybrids of classes and just more of a healthy lifestyle overall.

Renzo teachers Step Choreo, Les Mills Bodyshape, Bodypump, Bodybalance and Reformer Pilates. You can find his classes at PLTS, Medico Vision, Splash and Sportsworld.

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OneFit Teachers: Eline van de Kam – “Yoga brings me home”

As dedicated OneFitters, we are often curious about the stories behind our beloved yoga teachers. They help us to find peace within ourselves and connect with our inner yogis, but what about their personal journeys? Meet Eline van de Kam, former party girl turned yoga teacher who sat down to talk with us about her transition to yogi, yoga teacher and her yoga beliefs.

Eline van der Kam

Burnout to yogi

I was first introduced to yoga over 20 years ago when I was living abroad. I took one class a week but at that time I was much more involved in partying, drinking. Only six years ago I had a moment of total collapse. I had to let go of all my old habits and start again from scratch with a new way of living. I released that life is happening in the moment. I found so much gratitude that I had survived the burnout and the addictions, I got free from that – I really turned. I realised teaching the subject that  made me feel alive and vibrant with energy, was yoga. After that, I started studying to become a yoga teacher.

Yoga brings me home

Before I found yoga I would mindlessly go through life just reaching for the next thing, thinking: ‘’The grass is always greener on the other side,’’ but when I found yoga I realised that the grass is already green, and even if it’s not, I don’t need to long for anything. I often visualise myself in the centre of a storm. The storm acts as my thoughts, emotions and sensations of the body and I find yoga brings me home. It brings me back to the centre. It connects me with my natural self with what I really am. I’m not my story, I’m not my thoughts I’m much more than that.

Silence is the new gold

Most of the classes I teach are very slow, meditative classes. It all starts with silence, to ground yourself and to become really still with what is happening. I invite the students to observe the sensations in the body, observe the thoughts drifting past to observe the emotions coming in and out so they step back from their busy lives and watch. When you’re young your very active, always reaching out and using the body and sometimes we need some yin yoga to level our lives out. But young people normally don’t want to do a yin class. So when they come in by accident I’m always happy because then they can experience resistance, and wonder why they are restless. It’s interesting. I just want to offer people the peace that is already inside themselves.

Strong back vs soft front

The real goal in yoga is to calm the mind. I invite my students to observe – this a core Buddhist teaching and there are a lot of heart openers during a yin class. One of my core teachings is ‘strong back and soft front.’ You need a strong back to stand your ground and be able to walk around with a soft front – to be vulnerable and open up the qualities of the heart. When we get flexible bodies and are happy in our skin, I call those happy side effects.

Discover it all

My advice for newcomers would be to try different styles, from Power Bikram to a Yin class and everything in between and observe what is happening in a class with yourself. Also realise that a practice in the morning can be totally different from in the evening. Listen to your energy levels during the day. If you’re a morning person start with a vibrant workout, if you’re an evening person maybe you can do this class in the evening or maybe you need to calm down, then go to a yin class. Go and discover all different types of yoga!

Here’s a short message from Eline…

Eline currently teaches Yin Yoga, Flow For All (all levels) and leren mediteren for complete beginners. You can join her classes at Sukha Yoga, De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Yogaspot and Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan. Eline is wearing Urban Goddess clothing. 

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Interview: Han Balsem van ApenkooiGym

28 June, 2017 • Tags: , ,

Het ouderwets gymmen van ApenkooiGym verovert Nederland. En terecht. Hoe kan je deze gezellige workout nou niet leuk vinden? ApenkooiGym is inmiddels ondenkbaar in Amsterdam, going strong in Utrecht, opkomend in Den Haag én heeft Rotterdam als locatie in het vooruitzicht. Ja, dat klopt. Allemaal OneFit steden! We spraken met Han Balsem, de oprichter van ApenkooiGym.  


Op de achterbank van de bus

‘’Het begon allemaal tijdens mijn opleiding op de ALO. Zodra er een zaaltje leeg was dan ging ik daar samen met mijn klasgenoten spelletjes spelen. Ik liep al langer rond met het idee deze spelletjes uit te voeren als les in mijn voormalige woonplaats Utrecht. Helaas kreeg ik op dat moment niet de juiste personen mee in mijn enthousiasme. Op de terug weg naar huis vanaf een festival in Hongarije is het me gelukt: twee klasgenoten zagen het ook helemaal zitten! Samen hebben we de hele route zitten brainstormen achter in de bus. Hoe gaan we het doen? Wat wordt de aanpak en wat gaan we aanbieden? Met als resultaat een gymles voor jong volwassenen in de vorm van spelletjes en daarin de focus op lol en plezier plus een stukje teambuilding met een twist. Na ons eerste Facebook evenement bleek ons idee direct een succes. We kregen zoveel veel leuke reacties dat we na onze eerste les in juli elke week een les ouderwets gymmen hebben gegeven. Op 1 januari 2013 is ApenkooiGym officieel geboren.’’

Knal de aap

‘’Traditioneel apenkooien is een vast spel met vastgelegde regels. Het is een Nederlands spel: voeten van de vloer. Op het spel zelf kunnen wij geen patent leggen en daarom hebben we een eigen spel ontwikkeld, Knal de aap©. Deze bieden wij aan onder ApenkooiGym. Veel van onze spellen ontwikkelen zich weer verder vanuit andere spellen. De ideeën ontstaan ineens, vinden we het leuk? Dan gaan we het doen! Vanuit onze opleiding hebben we zoveel sporten en spellen geleerd. Alles wat we kunnen combineren gooien we in onze lessen. Onze doelgroep is heel breed, al zijn de jong volwassenen de draaiende motor achter onze reguliere lessen. Hiernaast organiseren wij bedrijfsuitjes, kinderfeestjes, vrijgezellenfeesten en andere team uitjes. We hebben verschillende programma’s in ons aanbod dat 10 tot wel 250 man kan opvangen.’’

Het spel

‘’We zouden in principe elke week iets anders kunnen aanbieden. Het spel apenkooien zelf kan je al op 6 verschillende manieren spelen. Naast de opstelling van het spel zijn de regels ook steeds anders, het is maar net waar we zin in hebben. Natuurlijk zijn er de basisregels zoals dat je de grond niet mag aanraken (want het is lava, er zwemmen haaien). Als je wordt getikt bij ‘drie is te veel’ dan ga je op de bank zitten. Komt er een derde bij dan mag nummer één weer de zaal in. Ook is er een variant dat wanneer je getikt wordt je gaat zitten waar je getikt bent. De geheime verlosser moet een high five uitdelen en dan ben je weer vrij.  Of je moet het wandrek in klimmen om aan een lintje te bengelen en dan ben je weer free to go. Onze variant – knal de aap – combineert Trefballen met Apenkooien. Zo kan je doorblijven gaan met alle regels en differentiaties. De maximale grootte van een groep is 30 personen en minimaal hebben we 10 sporters per les. Zo blijft de intensiteit super hoog en de beleving hetzelfde. We merken dat iedere deelnemer ontzettend competitief wordt van de spellen.’’

Intensiteit en beleving

‘’Een les bestaat uit een warming-up, de kern en het eindspel. De warming-up is meestal een tik spelletje en wennen aan het materiaal. De kern is één van onze grote spellen uit ons programma, zelf bedacht of een combinatie van spellen van vroeger. apenkooien, James Bond of het grote waterspel zonder water. En dan eindigen we bijvoorbeeld met een iconisch potje trefballen. We proberen altijd een balans te vinden tussen intensiteit en beleving.’’


‘’Iedereen kent het spel van vroeger, de essentie is gebleven. Zodra je de gymzaal instapt komen de herinneringen direct naar boven. We hebben allemaal op de basisschool gezeten en delen daarom deze connectie. De verhalen beginnen dan ook meteen wat ik leuk vind om te horen. In de gymzaal mag je alles. Je hebt vrijheid en alle remmen kunnen los. Deze gedachte van vrijheid vinden we fijn. Mensen willen getriggerd worden en eerlijk, het is gewoon te gek om weer even kind te zijn.’’

De glazen bol

‘’Ik heb het lesgeven altijd gedaan naast mijn werk. Na het wegvallen van mijn vaste baan ben ik mij nu samen met Daniel Kuin echt gaan focussen op ApenkooiGym. Ik vind het met name echt heel leuk om te doen. Nu Amsterdam staat ligt de focus op onze nieuwe steden. Ik ga er voor om dit jaar de grote steden in ons land draaiende te hebben. Volgend jaar Europa. En het jaar daarop de wereld!

We horen je denken: dit wil ik ook. Reserveer snel jouw uurtje ouderwets gymmen in Amsterdam, Den Haag of Utrecht! (No worries voor Rotterdam, er zal spoedig ook ApenkooiGym in jullie stad verschijnen!)

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De grote OneFit award show: BEST PILATES in Amsterdam is Studio Anna Mora!

If you are a regular Pilates goer then you are probably familiar with the heart of Pilates in Amsterdam – Studio Anna Mora. Voted as the Best Pilates Studio 2016 by our OneFit members, this studio has a real community of empowering women. Owner Anna Mora sat down to talk to us about her passion for movement and the journey to award winning studio!

Dancing, injuries and recovery

I come from Mexico City, I started as a professional dancer at the National Academy of Arts in Mexico City. Then I studied a combination of choreography, dance and theatre. At the time a friend of mine said why don’t you come to The Netherlands and my dream was to dance with the Netherlands Dance Theatre. But at this time I was 23 and the company didn’t want me – I was too old. I auditioned for the Dutch National Ballet and I did a couple of productions with them but by then I was already a bit injured. Then, I had an ankle operation and when I was recovering I started to do Pilates and Gyrotonics. I was really fascinated with how the methods helped me to get back in shape. After that, I started teaching dance for professional dancers and besides that I was doing my studies to become a Pilates teacher. I started my first studio in 2002 and in 2010 I moved to a bigger studio and now we’ve been here for almost 7 years!

The joy of movement

The core of what I teach is Pilates. We also have a variety of beautiful classes that connect to Pilates including ballet, modern dance, barre, Gyrokinesis, springboard classes and jumping fitness. Gyrokinesis is a method that is connected to Pilates but is a combination of tai chi, yoga and dance. Gyro means circle and kinesis is movement, the body makes spirals and circles and is connected to dance. Gyro came before all these trendy methods. It comes from a much deeper place and understanding of the body. People can expect that every single class taught at this studio is given by a professional teacher. 95% of my trainers were dancers and I believe that if you haven’t been through the effort, the understanding and the work of being a dancer; then it’s hard to make others understand what the real work is about.

A body and mind connection

I have clients that have been with me for 17 years. What we create here is a community not just a studio where you drop in. You know, a lot of women come to my studio saying ‘I’m fat here or I’m ugly’, and I always say, you have to understand that the body you see in the magazine is not your own body. We all have different bodies and we have to work to get the most out of them. I believe in a body-mind balance, forcing your body into positions and building strength quickly is not possible without ending up with injuries, it’s a process and takes time. When you take a Pilates class, for an hour you are connecting with yourself – connecting with the breath and your body. This hour gives you peace and balance and when you leave you feel freer, happier, more energetic and fit. Completely re-energised! I think that’s the whole goal of our studio!

Joseph Pilates was a man!

Joseph Pilates was a man and the method was actually developed for men! So it’s not logical that there are only women doing it. I want to show men that Pilates will improve their core, which is central when practicing other sports. Plus, we teach the method in the most safe and responsible way. You can start as a beginner and still really enjoy the benefits on the mat. In the studio we offer Pilates 1 (Beginner), 2 (Intermediate) and 3 (Advanced) and we also have Pilates Foundation. There are classes for people who are injured or who are worried that they will find the method too challenging. That way, people can start at zero and build it up and try different things.

Inspired by Anna Mora’s professional attitude? Book a class through the OneFit app or website and become part of a growing Pilates community!

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De grote OneFit award show: BEST YOGA in Den Haag is Sunshine Yoga!

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When rush hour hits cyclists in sportswear flood The Netherlands, but where are they heading? Chances are, they’re off to a yoga class. The women love yoga and the men love Broga. Even the girl on the treadmill next to you, probably is a yogi. Although, there is one woman who lives yoga. Meet Jacqui Howles, owner of the award winning location, Sunshine Yoga. This location won the award for The Best Yoga School in The Hague and has the highest review score of all OneFit locations with a 9.9! Yoga is Jacqui’s gateway into her inner world and we asked her to let us in and, tell us all about it.

Jacqui and award

From Aerobics to Yoga

‘’I came to The Netherlands when I was 19 as an aerobics teacher. I always knew I would become a yoga teacher later in life and actually got my first yoga diploma on my 40th birthday. I organise my business around my life and eventually it was just a natural transition to yoga. I’m now 52 and have been running Sunshine yoga for almost 10 years.‘’

Teaching with themes and seasons

‘’I weave philosophy into my weekly classes, so we can work on our physical bodies and support our inner worlds. For example, this week as we return from the spring break my theme is ‘coming back down to earth’’. I ask people to experience and contemplate, how we transition and come back to our yoga (and lives) after the holidays. Rushed and stressed or slow and easy? I use in depth, alignment based yoga to do this. It’s all about how our energy moves and about understanding who we really are. I also work differently with every season. In Autumn people often get flustered so I offer more grounded yoga and winter it turns to a more fiery yoga to keep warm. Then, in spring and summer the movements become lighter and twistier as it gets warmer. ‘’

Yoga is personal

’’Firstly I never know what your motivations are when you come to class. It’s an individual practice, it’s your sanctuary. If you need to put in only 60% then do it -you have sovereignty. For me, I just want people to be safe and happy when they practice yoga. As a teacher I find it’s best to find a middle ground and offer different levels during the class. Also I incorporate chakra and mantra yoga into my lessons to balance the physical with the soulful.’’

Flexibility is not everything

‘’Yoga is about a mix between flexibility, strength and softness and finding a balance between the three. If you’re really flexible but not as strong your release won’t be controlled. Instead, the practice  becomes more like moving into different poses without keeping that balance and posture. However, not everyone is going to be flexible, not everyone is going to be super strong. So I offer different levels of posture and let people experiment with that.’’

Newcomers chill out

‘’For those new to yoga my advice would be to just chill out and don’t expect perfection – that is not the goal. Also an important one to remember: Dare to say no in a class, if that moment/pose doesn’t suit you let the teacher know. People that are new might feel more is expected of them, so understand that it’s not. That’s why, If you tell the teacher you’re a beginner they’ll understand, but you also have to understand that for yourself and not worry about expectations of how it should be. Most of all, keep yourself safe and happy while practicing any style of yoga.’’

Sunshine Yoga in The Hague offers classes in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Flow. So if you are looking for more than just a yoga workout and want to learn about yoga philosophy too, make a reservation through our OneFit app!

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