Workout tip: bootcamp at BuitenGewoonFit in Utrecht

27 September, 2018 • Tags: , , ,

Autumn might officially be here, but you won’t let a bit of cold or rain ruin your workout routine, will you? Exactly. Real diehards (like you) go outside and join the bootcamp workout of BuitenGewoonFit.

bootcamp buitengewoonfit

Everything is better outside

This workout is not for wimps. Whatever season: it will always take place outdoors, in one of the five parks that this location has chosen. With a maximum of 17 others, you will be physically challenged for sixty minutes by one of the awesome trainers of BuitenGewoonFit. Burpees, walking lunges, planking; it is all a lot more fun when you do it outdoor.

Here’s your pep talk

Need a small pep talk to get you started? Just remember that the leaves are still hanging on the trees, which means you can enjoy the beautiful nature. Besides that, your hands are not yet freezing off. Look, if you cancel your reservation when it’s minus 10 degrees Celsius outside, we might agree. But that’s not the case yet. So find your long shorts, water-repellent jacket and best workout shoes in the back of your closet and let’s go!

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