Workout tip: bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga in The Hague

27 September, 2018

We don’t get it. Autumn is here, but one day it’s 11 degrees Celsius and rainy and the other day 19 degrees and sunny. Don’t want to take any risks concerning the temperature? Why not go for a workout where you certainly will not get cold? Try bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga The Hague.

bikram yoga den haag

You can be you

Looking for a cosy, no-nonsense yoga place without incense, chanting or Buddha’s? Then Bikram Yoga Den Haag is your place to be. To participate in a bikram yoga session you don’t have to be a professional yogi, super strong or extra fit and you don’t need special yoga clothing either. “Come as you are right now”, they say over there. Well, we don’t mind doing so!

Bikram yoga flow

Want to know more about this type of workout? Let’s go. During a yoga session of 90 minutes, you flow through 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises in a room of 40 degrees Celsius. You train your whole body and work on strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. And on top of it all: afterwards you’ll definitely feel that you’ve worked out, but you are still super relaxed.

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