Back on track after you’ve screwed up

1 March, 2018

Now that we are far into February, it’s fair to ask: are you sticking to your New Year’s goals? Most prob you’ve already ditched your morning shot of wheatgrass for something more whipped cream friendly. And we bet your cat’s is the only one scratching her nails on your boxing gloves.

back on track

It’s not your guilt, it’s the month of the year. Seriously. February has the nasty trait to leave us feeling unmotivated. Plus: come on, in a perfect world without distractions accomplishing goals would be easy peasy. But with a boss who peaks over your shoulders, invites flooding your mailbox and new Netflix series every day, you’re doomed.

Are you dragging your feet to the gym? Don’t want to talk about salads? Anxious to start over and lose all your results? No sweat. We’ve rounded up a few ways to get you back on track in a jiffy.

  1. Keep it doable

Formulating your New Year’s Resolutions is also an exercise in simplicity. From your body to your dream future to friendships. You’re easily tempted to examine every aspect of your life. But wanting to tackle too much at once can leave you anxious or depressed. Focus on a maximum of two life areas, no more. The art of keeping it simple.

  1.   Create habits

Time and time again you will find out that short-term goals do not work in the long run. Getting fit doesn’t equal staying fit. Don’t settle for short races, but incorporate small changes slowly into your lifestyle. They become habits in time, promise!

  1. Reward (or punish 😬 ) yourself!

Some people are naturally motivated, others need incentives or little punishments. Our brain loves results. A single abs session won’t get you anywhere, but a whole month in the abs army surely deserves a reward, what about new headphones?

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