OneFit Teachers: Mike Mulders – “CrossFit is a new lifestyle”

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Only four years ago Mike Mulders made the bold decision to turn his life around and start CrossFit, which literally saved his life. Now as a dedicated CrossFit coach at Powerbox Amsterdam, he hopes to motivate others to lose weight, achieve goals and lead a healthy lifestyle. His inspirational story and impressive transformation make him one of our most inspiring OneFit teachers!

CrossFit Training

Years to live

In my twenties I was taking part in triathlons, cycling, swimming and running. But when I turned 29 I injured my knee and I had to stop everything. My knee was so painful, I took a break from exercise and then it turned into two years. In the end, I thought it was too late to exercise again. For nine years I did nothing and gained so much weight, I became obese. The doctor told me if I carried on living my life this way then I would only have 10 years to live, so I decided to do something about it. I quit my job at the IT company that I worked for and I started training to get my qualifications to be a teacher in the fitness industry. In the end, I found CrossFit.

CrossFit is a lifestyle

When I started CrossFit I couldn’t even do a push up or a pull or anything – I was too heavy. The first month was really hard. I know exactly why some people don’t dare to do CrossFit because in the first three weeks I felt the same. I thought to myself – I don’t belong here, I’m not fit enough, I need to train more and I’m embarrassing. That’s why you have to find the right box that suits you because everywhere is different. At some boxes people like to show off and at others there is a real community. CrossFit is a new lifestyle. It’s food, exercise, it’s community and you share everything. It’s important because everyone will have a point when they will break and you have to support each other and remind people why they started in the first place.

Motivation is key

Four years ago a lot of people told me that I needed to lose weight, but I didn’t do anything until I realized my health had to change. In five years, I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’ve dropped from 130 kilos to 90 and reduced my fat percentage from 38% to 20%. Now my goal is to motivate others. Some people want to lose weight, some people want to gain weight and others want to gain muscle and that’s even harder. CrossFit gives you a solid mindset and anybody can do it. I motivate people by telling them to start easy and scale everything down if needed. There is no pressure because it’s just you against yourself – of course it’s in a group, but everyone helps each other out.  That’s what CrossFit is all about – it’s a community.

Always safety first

CrossFit training is a combination of power lifting, weight lifting, gymnastics and cardio. A lot of people go as fast and as heavy as possible because of the timer, and that’s fine as long as your form is correct. If you’re form is not right then your coach has to adjust the weight. They also need to show you the proper way to do a movement. People say CrossFit is bad for you, but that’s not true, bad posture is bad for you. So quality of coaching is the most important thing for CrossFit, but that also goes for any kind of sport. Beginners should listen well to the coach start at a steady pace. It’s better to keep your form and use lighter weights than go for heavier weights. If I see someone pushing themselves to use weights that are too heavy – I refuse to let them do it and take them off. Safety is first but that doesn’t mean it not fun to train in a group.

If you want to get fit in a supportive community then search for the right CrossFit box for you. If you want to try Mike’s sessions, check out Powerbox Amsterdam.

Written by Laura Court-Jones
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Zzt.. slaap als een baby met deze workout

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Wetenschappers zijn het erover eens: regelmatig bewegen is goed voor de nachtrust. Doe je niks aan sport, dan kan het zijn dat je slaapcyclus niet diep genoeg is om je overdag de energie te geven die je nodig hebt.  

Sport is geen magische pil voor meer Zzz’s en het kan even duren voor je de voordelen merkt, maar dikke kans dat je over een tijdje slaapt als een baby.

Kom je moeilijk in slaap, start dan een routine met matig intensieve sport. Rek je nachtelijke siësta uit tot winterslaapjes met deze workouts.

1. Yin yoga

In deze yogales doe je diepere stretches dan normaal, en laat dat nou net je slaap verbeteren. Houdingen als de kaars, de ‘happy baby’ en natuurlijk de eindontspanning ‘savasana’ zijn perfect voor het slapengaan.

2. Hardlopen

Nachtuilen daargelaten, slapen de meesten beter als ze in de ochtend sporten. Hardlopen helpt bij slaapproblemen. De meeste studies zeggen het begin van de dag de beste tijd is om te rennen. Als je kunt hardlopen en praten (maar niet appen) tegelijk heb je een goede snelheid te pakken.

3. Zwemmen

Wist je nog dat je vroeger megamoe was na een dagje ravotten in een zwemparadijs?  Daar is een reden voor. Je verliest hitte als je in koud water zwemt, en je lichaam moet dus harder werken om de temperatuur op te krikken. Daarom ben je na het zwemmen kapot, en sukkel je onderweg naar huis al bijna in slaap.

4. Krachttraining

Veel onderzoeken wijzen uit dat gewichtheffen en fijne dutjes doen heel goed samen gaan. Je spieren herstellen terwijl jij onder de wol ligt, wat ervoor zorgt dat je vaak sneller in slaap valt. Het kan zelfs helpen bij slaap-apneu. Train alleen niet te laat, uiterlijk 5 uur voor je gaat pitten.

5. Tai-chi

Tai-chi is een bewezen methode voor een betere nachtrust. Net als yoga kan tai-chi de bloedcirculatie en capaciteit van de longen positief beïnvloeden. Ook ontspan je je spieren en ontstress je in een tai-chi (of vergelijkbare rustige martial arts) les.

6. Yoga Nidra

Letterlijk betekent yoga nidra ‘lucide dromen’. En dat betekent weer dat je in een droomstaat kunt komen die je zelf stuurt. Na een korte sequence asana’s volgt een geleide meditatie. Je kunt zelfs boven je eigen hachje zweven. Eng? In de meeste gevallen val je gewoon in slaap tijdens de les, duik je erna gelijk je bed in want je bent toch al in de mood.

7. Mediteren

Op de lange termijn kun je echt goed leren tukken door te mediteren. Het kan heel goed zijn dat je dat al honderd keer geprobeerd hebt, en er ‘niks gebeurt’, maar zie het als een plantje water geven: elke dag een klein beetje water en op een dag staat er een plant in je kamer. Een meditatie geleid door een pro kan ook helpen.

Trouwens… een warme chocomel bij de kachel doet ook wonderen. En hoe zit het met die leuke sprays en olietjes die je op je kussen kunt spuiten, werken die eigenlijk? Wij gaan het eens proberen..

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Zzz.. Sleep Like A Baby After These Workouts

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Scientists agree that exercising regularly promotes sleep quality. If you don’t move a lot, your sleeping cycles might not be deep enough to provide you with the energy you need during the daytime. Exercise is not a magical pill for more Zzz’s and it might take a while to notice the benefits, but chances are it’ll help improve your sleep quality in the long run. So if you have troubles falling asleep, try these exercises and watch your nightly siesta turn into a deep winter sleep

1.Yin Yoga

This style of yoga offers deeper stretches than other forms, which helps promote sleep. Postures like the candle, happy baby and of course, savasana (those 5 minutes tucked under a blanket) are perfect to help you drift off.

2. Running 

Aside from night owls, most people sleep better if they work out in the morning. Running early in the day is shown to promote better sleep. What’s a good pace? If you can run and talk (not app) you’re good.

3. Swimming

Remember how tired you used to be after a day spent jumping in and out of the pool? There’s a reason for that. Swimming in cold-ish water causes you to lose heat, making your body work harder to get your temperature back up.  So if swimming makes you sleeping, some aquatic exercise during the day will be just what you need to slumber into a sleep at night.

4. Weight lifting

Research shows that weight lifting and naps go hand in hand… What does that mean? After pumping some iron, your muscles need time to recover during sleep, which can help you drift off in minutes. It can also help with sleep apnea. Just avoid training at night and take breaks between workouts.

5. Tai-chi

Tai-chi is a proven method for a better night sleep. Just like yoga, tai-chi can have positive effects on blood circulation. Tai-chi or a similar, slow martial arts class can also relax your muscles and help you to unwind; releasing stress and promoting sleepiness.

6. Yoga Nidra

Literally meaning, ‘lucid dreaming’, this form of yoga refers to the act of getting into a dream like state in which you can control. A Yoga Nidra class consists of a short sequence of asanas and then guided meditation. With practice, you can even transcend out of your body. Scary? Well, in most cases you’ll probably just fall asleep on the mat. So you’ll be in the perfect mood for bedtime.

7. Meditate

In the long run, mediating can dramatically improve your sleep quality. Already given up on it? Give it another go, seriously, a plant grows if you give it a bit of water every day – just keep that in mind.

Still can’t sleep? Try hot chocolate by a warm fire. And what about those fancy oils and sprays for pillows, any idea if they work? We’re on it!

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8 Foolproof Tips For Sticking To Your Fitness Resolutions

4 January, 2018

There are people who stick to news year’s resolutions like their life depends on it, and there are people who give up within days. If you’re like the most of us, then the latter is somewhat familiar. In the best case scenario you’ll find yourself bouncing on a trampoline for a few days, but by the end of the 1st week of Jan, your motivation will have diminished. Let’s be honest, resolutions just don’t have a great reputation.

The good news is you don’t need superpowers to be healthier this year. With these 8 foolproof tips you can adopt and keep a new regime for a fit 2018:

  1. Revamp your fitness routine

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, endurance or increase focus – working out is a must. It’s good to change up your fitness routine every 6-8 weeks. It takes about this long for your muscles to get used to a style of training, which means the results decrease after a while. So start the new year with a new class and you will see impressive results quickly.

2.  Keep it fresh

You can choose from a staggering amount of workouts every day, so why not make use of that? Do you persistently ignore that pole dance class? Or maybe the thought of swimming 500 meters makes you shiver? The fact is you never know ‘till you try. You might re-discover yourself, and if you enjoy it, you’ll have one extra class to add to your weekly routine. Here is some inspiration:

Amsterdam – JudyJump

The Hague – GAIA House of Yoga

Rotterdam – Fitboyz010

Utrecht – Zwembad Safari

  1. Seek the right fitspo

There are countless websites, Pinterest boards, newsletters and Insta feeds to keep your motivation sky-high. If you kickstart your day with a newsletter full of hacks, you’ll be more likely to withstand all the daily cravings like cakes at the office, beer pong and leaving your gym clothes at home… (just to mention a few).

  1. Become a morning person

Are you a typical night owl? Then the thought of lifting weights in the morning probably sounds like hell… But everything is worth a try.  So take the plunge and head for a morning workout, you are guaranteed to feel fit and energized for the whole day. That means working out in the morning benefits you even more when you’re not a morning person, because it will wake you up

  1. Make time fly

Whether you need good tunes, a funny teacher or a gamelike workout, make sure you’re workouts are fun. Choosing classes with game elements make your workout entertaining and you are sure to make some gains as well. Winning!

Apenkooien is a perfect class for everyone who wants to play like you’re in the first grade. You can find this class in every city.

  1. Do a quickie

This is not what is sounds like…Interval workouts like tabata and other intensity interval training (HIIT) are hugely effective and not too time consuming. Honestly, formulating a Whatsapp message to that special someone takes more time, so there is no excuse not to go hard.

Amsterdam –  H.I.I.T at Gustav Gym

The Hague – HIT IT at InTension Healthclub Scheveningen

Rotterdam – Skillmill Hit! at Healthcenter Rotterdam Zuid

Utrecht – HIIT Box at Trainmore Utrecht

  1. Keep a diary

If you can’t measure it, your goal is too abstract and you’re likely to forget you even had one. A measurable goal would be running marathon in 5 months time, so going to the gym 3-4 times a week quitting sugary snacks. If you can maintain a goal for one month you can set a new one. Plus, a (digital) food diary also helps significantly, so you can keep track of any calories that might be creepin’.

  1. Stick to your routine

Plan different workouts but make sure you stick to a weekly routine. If you always go boxing on Monday, hit the gym on Wednesday and dance on Fridays, you’ll find it easier to say no to spontaneous drinks and calorific plans. By sticking to a weekly class you’ll build up a new skill, which will give you more confidence that will reflect in all aspects of your daily life! Put your money where your mouth is, make some friends and get to know the best teachers in your city. It all counts towards extra motivation.

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Hou je dit jaar wel aan je goede voornemens met deze 8 hacks

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Mensen die van de ene op de andere nacht super gezonde gewoontes hebben en nooit meer terugvallen: ze bestaan echt. De rest van de wereld gaat het wat minder soepel af. Met een beetje geluk spring je op 3 januari een gat in een trampoline, om half februari alweer af te haken. Tja, goede voornemens hebben niet zo’n goede reputatie.

Toch kun je ook zonder superkrachten dit jaar een beetje gezonder en fitter worden. Met deze tips kom en blijf je geheid in je routine.

  1. Plan een nieuwe fitness routine

Of je je nou voorneemt om dit jaar spieren te kweken, minder te stressen of je meer te focussen: sporten is onmisbaar. Het is goed om elke 6-8 weken je fitnessroutine om te gooien. Het duurt ongeveer zo lang voor je spieren om te wennen aan een trainingsstijl, wat betekent dat je na verloop van tijd steeds minder resultaat boekt. Begin het jaar dus met een nieuwe serie oefeningen.

Amsterdam – JudyJump

The Hague – GAIA House of Yoga

Rotterdam – Fitboyz010

Utrecht – Zwembad Safari

  1. Hou het fresh

Je hebt elke dag keuze uit zoveel workouts dat je er bijna scheel van ziet. Benut dat. Klik je die paaldansles altijd heel snel weg? Bibber je weg als je denkt aan baantjes trekken? Ga toch eens. Wie weet ontdek je een nieuwe kant in jezelf, en als ’t je bevalt heb je gelijk een leuke workout voor je nieuwe weekroutine.

  1. Laat je inspireren

Er zijn talloze toffe sites, Pinterest borden, nieuwsbrieven en Insta’s die je motivatie tiptop kunnen houden. Als je de dag begint met een nieuwsbrief vol handige hacks, ben je meer geneigd om niet meteen in elke val te trappen (te veel taart, bier ipv yoga, sportspullen thuis laten).

  1. Word een (beetje) ochtendmens

Ben je een nachtdier? Dan moet je er niet aan denken om ’s ochtend aan gewichten te sjorren. Ga dan eens na: als ’t je wél lukt je warme nest te verlaten om te sporten, voel je je daarna über fit. Als je een nachtuil bent kun je je workout dus het beste zo plannen dat je het meeste uit je dag haalt, ’s avonds ben je toch al fit.

  1. Laat de tijd vliegen

Goeie tunes, een instructeur waar je helemaal stuk om gaat of een workout waarin je lekker kan spelen: zorg dat je fun hebt als je sport. Spel-elementen maken een les vermakelijk en pas de dag erna merk je je nieuwe blokjes op. Winning!

Apenkooien is een perfecte les voor wie wil spelen zoals vroeger.

  1. Doe ook aan vluggertjes

Interval workouts zoals tabata en andere high intensity interval training (HIIT) zijn mega effectief en kosten heel weinig tijd. Echt, je doet nog langer over je appjes (naar je weet wel).

Amsterdam –  H.I.I.T bij Gustav Gym

The Hague – HIT IT bij InTension Healthclub Scheveningen

Rotterdam – Skillmill Hit! bij Healthcenter Rotterdam Zuid

Utrecht – HIIT Box bij Trainmore Utrecht

  1. Hou een dagboek bij

Als je ‘m niet kan meten, is je doel te vaag en ben je ‘m zo weer vergeten. Een meetbaar doel is: ik wil over 5 maanden een halve marathon lopen en daarom ga ik vanaf nu 3-4 per week sporten en snoep ik niet meer. Als ik mijn doel een maand volhou mag ik pas een nieuw doel stellen. Een (digitaal) eetdagboek helpt ook enorm, mocht je kilo’s kwijt willen.

  1. Hou vaste dagen aan

Plan de verschillende workouts in je routine op vaste dagen. Als je altijd op maandag bokst, op woensdag fitnesst en op vrijdagavond danst, kun je veel beter nee zeggen tegen spontane borrels. Het geeft je ook het gevoel dat je ruggengraat hebt, en je kent steeds meer OneFitters en leraren kennen jou snel. Dat motiveert ook.

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Zo kak je niet in met de feestdagen

20 December, 2017

December en fitness zijn nooit echt een succeskoppel geweest. Het gaat vaak al bergafwaarts als de pepernoten in de Appie verschijnen. En dan heb je de feestdagen nog niet eens gehad. Kantooretentjes, Kerstpakketten, al die lekkere winter lattes.. je bent ten slotte ook niet van steen.

Het overkomt de besten. Maar je kan je nog herpakken. Met een solid gameplan zit je voor het einde van het jaar helemaal in je routine.  


Behoud je dagelijkse routine, of zorg dat je die zsm hebt. Als je elke dag om dezelfde tijd opstaat en andere gezonde gewoontes hebt is het zaak om ze vast te houden in de vakantie. Als je gewend bent om heel vroeg om te staan, kun je dat beter volhouden. Liever kort tukken als je moe bent in de middag, dan je vaste ritme loslaten.

Boek je vaste lessen alvast, dan heb je gelijk een stok achter de deur.


Geef niet meteen op omdat je voor de kerst al een beetje met de pet ernaar gooit. Uiteraard is het makkelijker om sloppy om te gaan met je sportplannen, als je toch al het gevoel hebt niet goed bezig te zijn. Wees dus een beetje streng, en beloon jezelf gewoon extra veel ómdat het that time of the year is.


Scout in de buurt een fijn park (of speeltuin) waar je in de klimrekken kunt hangen tijdens de kerstvakantie. Tussen kerst en begin januari zijn sommige gyms dicht. Het is soms heel verleidelijk om dan niet meer te gaan. Buiten kun je genoeg effectieve workouts doen. En als je je lichaamsgewicht niet zwaar genoeg vindt, heb je ook nog een legit reden om te foodbingen.

Check ook de eventuele Kerst specials  je OneFit rooster!


Voel je niet schuldig als het niet lukt. Jezelf de grond in praten vergroot alleen maar de kans dat je je motivatie helemaal kwijtraakt. Bedenk dat er grotere problemen zijn dan jouw sugarrush. Lees een krant, kijk een docu, bel een mattie, als je maar niet bij de pakken neer gaat zitten.


Plan vooruit. Dat geldt zowel voor je maaltijden als voor je workouts. Pinterest staat bol van de gezonde recepten die op geen enkele feesttafel misstaan. Oliebollen kun je ook maken met speltmeel, en chocomouse van avocados (ja, echt). Plan ook wat workouts vooruit. Niet gelijk nadat je met je gezicht in de appeltaart gevallen bent, hou het wel schappelijk.  


Hoewel super verleidelijk, kun je beter niet meteen op de bank kruipen na een veel te groot diner. Een stukje wandelen geeft je spijsvertering een boost, en voorkomt dat je inkakt. Dus hop, sleep je nichtje/neefjes/hele familie naar buiten en bouw die reuze sneeuwpop!


De allerbelangrijkste tip: geniet van de feestdagen. Het is allesbehalve gezond als je je druk gaat maken, bovendien komt dat je motivatie ook niet ten goede. Het enige wat je deze kerst écht moet doen is zorgen dat je dicht bij een gourmetstel zit.


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The Do’s and Don’ts for keeping fit during the holidays

20 December, 2017

The Christmas holidays are upon us and let’s face it, this time tends to be more about how much food we can eat than how much we can exercise. But is doesn’t have to be that way! Before you tuck into your office dinners, alcoholic beverages and triple chocolate cakes – plan your workouts. Need some tips? Here’s our do’s and don’ts for keeping fit during the naughtiest time of the year.


Stick to your commitments. If you normally get up at the crack of dawn – keep doing it! Getting up for those early morning workouts will keep you refreshed for the day ahead, plus you will already work off your dinner before you’ve even eaten it. Bonus.  Don’t forget to check the newsletter for Christmas inspired workouts this season!


Don’t start slacking. We all know when it starts getting gloomy outside, our motivation to travel for workouts diminishes. But deep down we also know we’ll feel 10x better after we sweat it out. So if you’re treating yourself to scrumptious treats this time of year – make it to that workout. Period.


Find your park paradise. During December/January many gyms will close their doors for the Christmas period. So instead of crying over your favourite class, find a nice park and walk off your Christmas dinner in the icy air. Heck – you could even persuade the whole family to join.


Don’t beat yourself down if you’re eating more and not working out as much. This will only decrease your motivation for the classes that you can attend. Having dinners with your friends and family are things to celebrate not regret, so don’t hold back.


Plan ahead. This goes for your meals as well as your workouts. Pinterest is brimming with healthy dishes that fit nicely on every festive dinner table. Dutch classic snacks like ‘oliebollen’ can also be made with spelt flour and choco mousse from avocados (yes, really). Also, plan your workouts for the upcoming two weeks in the app. But don’t forget to treat yourself in between, perhaps with an overly large slice of apple pie? Yum.


Resist the urge to fall into a lazy slump. Although it’s super tempting to stuff yourself silly and then fall asleep on the sofa all afternoon; you’ll probably wake up more tired than before. So keep active, even if it’s just taking the dog for a walk. It’ll boost your digestion and prevent the dreaded after dinner dip.


Now the most important piece of advice: enjoy the holidays. Nothing is more important than spending time with your close ones and feasting. Don’t worry about any extra pounds and make time for some exercise when you can. Merry Christmas!

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OneFit Teachers: Nicole Cole – “When I dance I can be myself”

Nicole Cole is a student turned full time dancer. Since being discovered on Instagram, she has worked with artists such as Broederliefde, Hardwell, Yellow Claw. She has also danced at Milkshake Festival and Urban Music Festival. But that’s not all, she is also a dedicated dance teacher who is known for her feisty, fun classes – Dancehall and Twerk. Get to know all about her below!

Nicole Cole dancehall

A Gymnast at heart

My name is Nicole, I was born in Poland and I’ve now been in The Netherlands since 2011. I started doing gymnastics when I was five, but at the age of 12 I broke my wrist. I tore my inside ligaments and this injury was difficult to recover from , so focused on dance. I did Modern and Ballet but I always liked feminine styles the best. That’s why when I discovered Dancehall and Twerking, I just focused on that. My favourite style uses a lot of flow work and is sensual, sexy dancing with heels. I just love this power of sex appeal and when I dance I can be myself – this kind of sexy animal!

Instagram star

I work very closely with an entertainment agency ‘April  M Jordan Entertainment’ who discovered me on Instagram. It changed my life, because two years ago I was planning to finish my studies and I always pushed dancing away because not many dancers make it. You can be a great dancer and a beautiful girl but if you don’t meet certain people and the right time you just will not make it. The things that are happening in my life right now are way more than I ever dreamed of. I’ve danced in music videos, at festivals and I also give bookings for pole dancing. I didn’t choose to be a full time dancer, it chose me somehow.

Femininity is a weapon

With dancing, I just love this transition of women from being shy, insecure to confident and strong. When ladies follow my classes, they start to feel more confident in their body. Not only do they become more sexy, but they get more body conscious and body confident; and when you feel more confident you can present yourself better in everyday life. I think that being a women and being feminine is a weapon that you can use. It doesn’t mean every girl should just only think about being sexy and pretty but I believe that if you have the brains, the looks and the charm you should use all of them. Being confident, sexy and smart is the complete package and you should use whatever works to help you in life.

A sexy, intense workout

Deep in my heart I’m a gymnast, it pushes the body to limits and shows the beauty of the human body, so I like to keep my classes intense. I hope my Dancehall and Twerk classes are unique and something you cannot find anywhere else. You get the same workout that you would do at the gym but in a fun and sexy way.  I think many girls can feel intimidated by this, but I’ve also had many ladies come up to me after class saying they actually really liked it because they would never dare to be really feminine in the normal world. It makes them feel a way they’ve never felt before. Plus, there is always someone for the first time. So I don’t mind if you come to my class and half way through you realise it’s totally not for you and sit down. Just come and see for yourself because it’s always a great atmosphere with a great group of ladies and you have nothing to be afraid of.

Learn some smooth moves in Dancehall…

You can learn some sexy routines with Nicole Cole at Chasse Dance Studios and Pole Dance Factory. Lessons vary each week, with different kinds of styles and movements. Reserve a class in Dancehall or Twerk and let your feminine energy flow!

Written by Laura Court-Jones

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OneFit Teachers: Natasha Martin – “Studio 191 is a dream come true”

12 December, 2017 • Tags: , , , , ,

Natasha Martin is a yogi, entrepreneur and creative spirit who had a vision to create a community where people could come together to support each other, have a good time and workout all at the same time. After years of teaching yoga in her living room, she finally found a more permanent place where she could create the studio she had dreamed of – Studio 191. Natasha chatted to us about her glamorous studio, why she’s all about the people and even let us in on the secrets behind its growing popularity.

Natasha Martin

Living room yoga

I have a background in Branding, Marketing and PR – I’m pretty creative. I’ve been practicing yoga since I was really young, so I’ve grown up with yoga in the same way that many Dutch have grown up with bikes! For me it’s a natural way of life. In terms of the studio and teaching, I moved to Amsterdam and quickly began teaching in my own studio. I got really lucky because I had people who believed in me and helped me, so after 3 years in my living room moving my furniture around to make space for extra yoga mats, I finally had a studio. Studio 191 has been open for a year and a half now and we are about to become a team of 40 people. We have amazing teachers and also volunteer hosts who are part of our karma exchange program.

Movement as a facilitator

You know the busier we all get the more we need to help people have a good time, to connect, have friends and workout all at the same time. Movement is a facilitator for community, for socialising and for building confidence. It’s also about health and wellness – but it’s not just that. There’s a big misconception that movement is just about getting physically fit and being healthy but it’s also about mental and emotional health. It’s about being able to understand yourself {and others} better. It’s a very yogic idea but I would reaffirm that your body is indeed a vehicle to your mind and your soul. For me personally, it’s definitely not just about the movement, the play on the word ‘movement’ is actually a huge part of why I’m passionate and why I’m doing this. It’s not to get people in the best shape of their life, it’s to start with that and then try to inspire people to go even further.

A real community

Starting a business in your living room teaches you a lot about community because I wasn’t allowed to put promotional signage outside or on my window, so I literally had to build my classes from word of mouth. I did a lot of community events and got involved with the local homeless shelter. So I’ve tried to keep the great things about being a small studio – the friendliness, the warmth, the authenticity. We do all kinds of different things to build not just a practice and a studio, but something that extends beyond our four walls. We explore what charities we can work with and what can we do within the local community to keep everything fresh. That’s another thing we do, we don’t want things to get stagnant – we don’t want our bodies to get used to one practice; we want our bodies to feel that their physicality, their creative capacity, can continue to evolve with their practice.

Home for everyone

I think people come to this studio because we genuinely welcome everyone. We value and encourage authenticity. We try to create a place that feels like home, and at home feel safe to move and express yourself without hesitation. I work with amazing teachers and our style is basically an expression of our teachers’ knowledge, passions and creative pursuits. We try to hire real people rather than fill vacancies. Encouraging the people you work with to be creative adds to the community and it adds to the offerings we can give as a studio. So actually the brand of studio 191 is the brand of people that embody it and live within it. We believe in encouraging and nurturing creativity. Simple right? It really is. The teachers and the hosts are what makes our community studio feel like home.

Barre isn’t the only way to burn at Studio 191…

Studio 191 offers a variety of different classes based on movement including Barre, Yoga, HIIT and classes for Pre-Natal and Post Natal women. So if you’re looking for something more than just your regular workout, take a trip to Studio 191 to be a part of a genuine community that likes to have a good time on and off the mat.

Written by Laura Court-Jones

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OneFit Teachers: Alina Tuluceanu – “my gift was to be a teacher”

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Meet Alina Tuluceanu a passionate Romanian girl whose dreams lead her to Holland over eleven years ago. Alina was searching for something amazing and found it at Rasalila in Amsterdam, a place where acrobatics, silks and tricks make magic. Read her inspiring journey to loveable teacher and find out more about her unique classes.

A Dreamer

My name is Alina and I’m a teacher at Rasalila. I originally come from Romania, a place where you are expected to get a job, get married, get settled and that’s life. There, I felt that the part of me that wanted to peruse my dreams was gone forever. So I took a bold step came to The Netherlands almost 11 years ago. I set out to find something I enjoyed, I tried out various gyms but I was never pleased since I don’t like training on my own. I joined group classes in the gym, but still it wasn’t for me. Then I found Rasalila. I loved it so much, I started taking all the classes in the schedule, I didn’t know how to do anything but I just wanted to be there. Sometimes I trained almost 25 hours a week.

Hidden Talent

While I was at Rasalila I noticed that I was very interested in analyzing movement. I’ve had many different jobs in the past, but always in the role of a coach. I have a lot of patience with people and I love to see people develop and grow. I believe that you can learn a lot in life but some things you are born. I think my gift was to be a teacher, to share knowledge with others. I took this and completed my training to become a teacher and I’ve now been teaching already for three years.

Passion for People

People are really my passion. I love to analyze behavior and I still want to do something with psychology or anthropology in the future. I want to learn more about how to motivate people so they can bring out the best in themselves. For example if people give up during a class, I’m always looking for ways to be positive and to find something they can do. You have flexibility moves and strength moves. Some strength moves are hard and some people can’t do it, but once they try a flexibility move then they can do it. I think listening to people and being empathetic as a teacher is really important.

Up in The Air

My classes are a soulful, feminine way of moving through storytelling. We breathe through every move and let breath lead the movement. At Rasalila I teach Pole classes and Aerial classes. Aerial Hammock Play is about being playful. It will help you get strong and lean because the fabric helps to create space between your joints and also massages you throughout the class. Aerial yoga is essentially yoga using fabric. You hold the poses a bit longer and you get support from the fabric which makes it accessible for everyone. Aerial dance is really dancing with the fabric. It’s elegant and soulful. It’s amazing how you learn to work with the fabric and use all of your body. I once read, ‘don’t use your body to get into the pose but use the pose to get into your body.’ You can’t trick the fabric but you can use it.

Girl Power

There are a lot of women that come here and very often, they don’t get supported by their men at home. So it’s really important that we emphasis that it’s good to make time for ourselves as women. If you are happy, it makes the people in your life happy. For example, pole dancing is still a taboo in some places and isn’t widely accepted. It’s a challenging sport but women gain a lot of self-confidence by doing it and that is the most important thing at Rasalila. When we use the poles and fabrics the first thing we do is try to get out of our heads, there isn’t room for us there anyway – so we get into our bodies.

Learn an Aerial Flow with Alina…

Alina teaches Pole Flow Beginners, Intermediate and open levels at Rasalila in Amsterdam. She also teaches Aerial Hammock Play (easy flow & level up), Aerial Yoga and Aerial Dance. Even if you’re a complete beginner, book a class and experience a new challenging workout that will make you feel like an acrobatic goddess.

Written by Laura Court-Jones

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