8 Foolproof Tips For Sticking To Your Fitness Resolutions

4 January, 2018

There are people who stick to news year’s resolutions like their life depends on it, and there are people who give up within days. If you’re like the most of us, then the latter is somewhat familiar. In the best case scenario you’ll find yourself bouncing on a trampoline for a few days, but by the end of the 1st week of Jan, your motivation will have diminished. Let’s be honest, resolutions just don’t have a great reputation.

The good news is you don’t need superpowers to be healthier this year. With these 8 foolproof tips you can adopt and keep a new regime for a fit 2018:

  1. Revamp your fitness routine

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, endurance or increase focus – working out is a must. It’s good to change up your fitness routine every 6-8 weeks. It takes about this long for your muscles to get used to a style of training, which means the results decrease after a while. So start the new year with a new class and you will see impressive results quickly.

2.  Keep it fresh

You can choose from a staggering amount of workouts every day, so why not make use of that? Do you persistently ignore that pole dance class? Or maybe the thought of swimming 500 meters makes you shiver? The fact is you never know ‘till you try. You might re-discover yourself, and if you enjoy it, you’ll have one extra class to add to your weekly routine. Here is some inspiration:

Amsterdam – JudyJump

The Hague – GAIA House of Yoga

Rotterdam – Fitboyz010

Utrecht – Zwembad Safari

  1. Seek the right fitspo

There are countless websites, Pinterest boards, newsletters and Insta feeds to keep your motivation sky-high. If you kickstart your day with a newsletter full of hacks, you’ll be more likely to withstand all the daily cravings like cakes at the office, beer pong and leaving your gym clothes at home… (just to mention a few).

  1. Become a morning person

Are you a typical night owl? Then the thought of lifting weights in the morning probably sounds like hell… But everything is worth a try.  So take the plunge and head for a morning workout, you are guaranteed to feel fit and energized for the whole day. That means working out in the morning benefits you even more when you’re not a morning person, because it will wake you up

  1. Make time fly

Whether you need good tunes, a funny teacher or a gamelike workout, make sure you’re workouts are fun. Choosing classes with game elements make your workout entertaining and you are sure to make some gains as well. Winning!

Apenkooien is a perfect class for everyone who wants to play like you’re in the first grade. You can find this class in every city.

  1. Do a quickie

This is not what is sounds like…Interval workouts like tabata and other intensity interval training (HIIT) are hugely effective and not too time consuming. Honestly, formulating a Whatsapp message to that special someone takes more time, so there is no excuse not to go hard.

Amsterdam –  H.I.I.T at Gustav Gym

The Hague – HIT IT at InTension Healthclub Scheveningen

Rotterdam – Skillmill Hit! at Healthcenter Rotterdam Zuid

Utrecht – HIIT Box at Trainmore Utrecht

  1. Keep a diary

If you can’t measure it, your goal is too abstract and you’re likely to forget you even had one. A measurable goal would be running marathon in 5 months time, so going to the gym 3-4 times a week quitting sugary snacks. If you can maintain a goal for one month you can set a new one. Plus, a (digital) food diary also helps significantly, so you can keep track of any calories that might be creepin’.

  1. Stick to your routine

Plan different workouts but make sure you stick to a weekly routine. If you always go boxing on Monday, hit the gym on Wednesday and dance on Fridays, you’ll find it easier to say no to spontaneous drinks and calorific plans. By sticking to a weekly class you’ll build up a new skill, which will give you more confidence that will reflect in all aspects of your daily life! Put your money where your mouth is, make some friends and get to know the best teachers in your city. It all counts towards extra motivation.

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