5 ways to clean up your body, mind and spirit this spring

12 April, 2018

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It’s spring, so you might feel this one coming: the big ol’ Spring Cleaning. If you feel the urge to turn your house upside down, you’re not the only one. Spring-cleaning almost feels directed by nature. The sun plays a part, because goes down later. And also, the winter cold is disappearing out of our bones. Before you know it, you’re brushing the cat’s pole and slam-dunking your curtains in the laundry basket.


Tidying up enhances your rest and even happiness, but you to truly maximise the benefits it’s wise to seize this opportunity and clean up your own (sometimes messy) body, mind and spirit. So get with it; remove toxic substances, emotional waste and lazy winter habits.

These are ways to align your home springtime cleaning with your own physical and mental clean up:

1. Practice cardio

Your metabolism shifts during springtime, and that in turn makes you muscle more active. You can benefit extra from exercises focused on cardio and muscle strength this season.

2. Go for a stroll

After the winter sleep, your body feels like moving again. Can you feel it? Start with a stroll, if only for a few minutes. This allows you to catch more sunlight, giving you Vitamine D and enhancing happiness feelings. It also activates certain neuron pathways, which balance your energy.

3. Detoxify your relationships

Reconsider the people you spend time with, and whom you donate energy to. How do you actually feel after a coffee date with someone you didn’t even want to see in the first place? Is it energizes or depleted? Sometimes letting go is the healthiest detox.


4. Breath like a guru

Any mind & body activity is much more effective if you start with deep, conscious breathing. There are also classes that focus solely on breathing (or pranayama’s as yogi’s say). The good thing about breathing deep is that it fully oxygenates your brain and allows for better connections between your conscious and subconscious minds. This in turn will leave you feeling happier, lighter and calmer.

5. Eat more conscious

Get acquainted, through ayurveda for example, with the healing force of food. It’s not just about what you eat, but also about when and how. Clean up you body and mind by getting conscious about eating.

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